London Stand-Up And Sketch Comedy: 24-30 April

Rachel Holdsworth
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London Stand-Up And Sketch Comedy: 24-30 April

Our choice of where to find funny this week.

Sunday: Hopefully the weather will be a bit cooler today, otherwise we warn you to take plenty of cool drinks into the rather-warm Etcetera Theatre to see Scott Capurro. Don't expect such nannying from Capurro himself (8.30pm, £8.50).

Monday: Tim Key has retired his Edinburgh Award winning Slutcracker and is working on new material at Invisible Dot from 8pm (£6).

Tuesday: We're not quite sure what to expect from this: the London Word Festival revives the spirit of Andy Kaufman and puts on a spot of Intergender Wrestling at the Nave (7.30pm, £10 / £12). The list of comedians, however, is superb - Simon Munnery, Kevin Eldon, Josie Long, Joanna Neary, Isy Suttie, Helen Lederer and Oompah Brass. See you there.

We liked Grandma's House. Shut up, we did. See what Simon Amstell does next at work-in-progress gigs today and Thursday at Invisible Dot (7.30pm, £6).

Wednesday: Time for a bit of proper comedy clubbing. Paul Sinha, Nathan Caton and Rob Deering play the 99 Club in Leicester Square. 8.30pm, £16 / £8 if you book online.

Thursday: There are still tickets available to see Tim Minchin at the Royal Albert Hall, which we find inexplicable. OK, so they're priced at £40-45 which may make it more explicable, but still: Tim Minchin? Full orchestra? RAH? This is a no brainer, yes? Today and tomorrow, 7.30pm.

Friday: Once you've had enough of making barbed comments about Kate's frock, we urge you - no, we get down on our knees and beg you - to head off to Udderbelly on the South Bank for Ida Barr's Royal Flush Bingo Party. There aint no party like a cross-dressing pensioner former music hall star / rapper's party. You'll regret it if you don't go - 2.30pm, £12.50.

Saturday: Catch off-beat comedian Lou Sanders giving an introduction on how to be awesome at the Hen and Chickens (9.30pm, £5.50). All your questions answered. Possibly.

Let us know about intelligent, alternative, friendly new comedy gigs, clubs and shows around Town:

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