Wanted: London's Silliest Wifi Network Names

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Wanted: London's Silliest Wifi Network Names


Those who brandish smartphones or regularly work from caf├ęs will be familiar with the invisible jungle of wifi networks out there. Any given spot in central London throws up 20 or so options. Most of these are private and password protected, but their names are not. A meme doing the rounds on Twitter at the moment is seeking to compile the silliest network names in London. Some of the better ones include:

I_can_hear_your_lovemakingBum Fun (King's Cross)TalibanBroadcastHut (Brick Lane)getyourownbroadbandcheapbastardfancyathreesomeMI5 (Unsecured) in VauxhallIf you've seen similarly inventive networks, tweet the name to #wifinames, and/or leave a comment below. Oh, and remember to check our wifi map for places round town with free access.

Last Updated 10 August 2010