Free Wifi in London...Mapped

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Free Wifi in London...Mapped

NOTE: Although many of the venues in this map are still providing free wifi, we're no longer updating the map as it's proving an impossibly challenging task. Free wifi can now be readily found throughout town. For the same reason, we've also withdrawn our wifi app from the iTunes store.

UPDATE 20 July 2009

Another 14 locations added, bringing the total to 319. Please continue to suggest additions or corrections.

UPDATE 15 April 2009

Another update. We now show 305 free wifi spots around London. Please continue to suggest additions and amendments in the comments.

UPDATE 18 January 2009

Map updated. 279 locations now available. Please continue to add new locations to the comments.

UPDATE 5 October 2008

Another update adding a few more places. NOTE, Coffee Republic do offer free wifi at most outlets, but only for the first 10 minutes, according to their website.

UPDATE 16 August 2008

The map has once again been updated. We now list 235 places that offer complementary wifi. Please keep additions and corrections coming in the comments, and thanks to all who have contributed so far.

UPDATE 27 April 2008


Almost 200 wifi hotspots have now been mapped. Please keep suggestions coming in. Remember, the location must offer wifi access for free. MacDonalds are rolling out free wifi to all their branches, but we're not going to map all them unless they want to sponsor us!

UPDATE 19 January 2008

We now have 169 bars, restaurants and hotels mapped, and will continue updating the map as and when further additions are suggested by readers. Thanks for your help.

UPDATE 06 October 2007

Thanks to everyone who has contributed free wifi locations to this map. We ARE still updating the map, so keep your comments coming. Remember, we're only mapping free and legal hotspots - i.e. cafes, bars, restaurants and other establishments offering free services to customers.



Try as we might, we couldn't find a decent site that maps all the bars, pubs and coffee shops with free wifi access. So we made a start on it ourselves.

As well as individual eateries, there are several areas in London where free access can be gained over a wide space. The whole of Upper Street is the largest example, but also Leicester Square and a residential area in Marylebone. The whole of the City of London is covered by The Cloud, with a deal that'll get you free access for a month. You then have to pay, so we've not included it on this map.

We'd love to hear about further locations in the comments (preferably with a postcode or door number). Remember, only legitimate places where free access can be gained without tapping into unsecured networks.

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This site was particularly helpful for data.

Last Updated 26 May 2007


Have you tried using the free wifi on Upper Street? It's non-existent. Same with Leicester Square. I was there the day it was supposed to go live in the latter, and the only signal to be had was inside All Bar One...and it was the signal from the bar.


Ray's Jazz cafe inside Foyles on Charing Cross Road has free wifi.


GREAT project.
All the Leon restaurants have free wifi.
Addresses from their website as follows:
35 Great Marlborough St W1F 7JE
12 Ludgate Circus EC4M 7LQ
136 Brompton Road SW3 1HY
3 Crispin Place E1 6DW
73-76 The Strand WC2R 0DE
275 Regent Street W18 2HB
and i think there are more opening soon.

Goodness* Cafe in Chiswick - you have to get a free token to sign in.
30-34 Chiswick High Road W4 1TE

When I think of and come across more, I'll post here.

Tom Morris

Seconded on Ray's Jazz in Charing Cross Road (they really need to make the cafe and the shop bigger). Also the Apple Store in Regent Street (they also have plug sockets, and don't really mind if you spend hours there working - so long as you put up with the Apple advertising/propaganda*).

Now that I am without an institutional home in London, I feel I will be trying out a lot more of these free wi-fi places. The key thing is (a) availability of power and (b) not being out-of-place. Call me old-fashioned, but if I'm in a pub, it's not the place to get my laptop out and work like it is in a cafe.

M: I have used the Leicester Square wi-fi without a problem. It's not stunningly fast, but it seems to work. It's called something like "Four's Free Access". I used it on my Palm Pilot while waiting outside the Odeon Cinema and it worked, and it's also reachable (just) inside Starbucks.

Perhaps we ought to have a central London wi-fi hunt day? Everyone get themselves a wi-fi detector of some sort and hunt through the city looking for places to park your arse down and surf the Internet.

* Depending on your perspective on brushed metal and white plastic and the suchlike. Having bought in to the whole Apple thing hook, line and sinker (and can recite the many flaws nonchalantly), I'm pretty much immune to the aforementioned propaganda.


Thanks for the additions so far. I'll update the map tonight.


The Greyhound, Chamberlayne Rd, NW10
Gracelands Cafe, College Rd, NW10

James MacAonghus

Le Pain Quotidien on Great Marlborough Street almost directly opposite Liberty's.


nft has free access also


'Seven', the nft is already on the map under its new name - bfi southbank.


St Christophers inn in Greenwich has - I imagine their bar in London Bridge does as well.

Chris West

Natural Cafe
21 Church Street
Kingston on Thames
Tel: 020 8971 8195

Not sure if their other locations have free WiFi. I used this location a lot when I was back for Xmas last year

Chris West

Natural Cafe
21 Church Street
Kingston on Thames
Tel: 020 8971 8195

Not sure if their other locations have free WiFi. I used this location a lot when I was back for Xmas last year


The Natural Cafe in Richmond does too.

7 The Quadrant, TW9 1BP.

nik riviera

SHOREDITCH - a teeny selection:

<li> the diner (curtain rd)
<li> hoxton bar & kitchen (hoxton square - the one the dullards call the LUX bar)
<li> cargo (rivington st)
<li> prague (kingsland rd)
<li> hoxton hotel (great eastern st)


The Humus Brothers resturant on Wardour St advertises free wifi, but I


... Oops. Anyway.

I've never tried using the Humus Bros wifi, but there are often people in there with laptops so I assume it's problem-free. And the food's good, too (unless you don't like humus, of course)


the suburb coffee store in covent garden seems to have closed down :(


a couple in Battersea:

The Lighthouse (formerly the Dovedale, and before that The Clockhouse)
441 Battersea Park Road, SW11 4LR

The S Bar and Restaurant
37 Battersea Bridge Road, SW11 3BA

Rik Abel

'A bar' on Brick Lane and the LCB surf store at the top of Brick Lane.


The Gowlett,

62 Gowlett Road,
SE15 4HY

Oh and this pub also serves some of the best pizzas in London :-)

DevonInspiration Ltd.

Glow Lounge on Cavendish Parade isn't free - it's £3.


Water's Edge
Bar and Restaurant
Packet Boat Lane
Uxbridge, Middx

Good steaks and burgers and free Wi-Fi, does have an annoying ad before you can start using the net but has no port restrictions.


damn! when will i get free wifi in my country.


lil star

Gastronomica Wapping has free access. Not exactly central London though. Wapping High St, East end. 0207 481 8669

Max Glenister

I wonder if those coffee shops are okay with people using their wifi from outside the establishment..

This would be a great resource if it were available as a points of interest file file for my Garmin Nuvi 310d ;]

nice work folks :)

Olly S

Plazes is also a good source for this information - you might want to cross-reference yours with the Plazes map.


Base2stay , I stayed there recently, it DOES NOT offer free wifi fyi, take this map with a large pinch of salt


Library with cafe inside - quiet place to work
Bow Idea Store
1 Gladstone Place, Roman Road
Bow, London E3 5ES


Adam St Club. (Adam st WC2N) Free wifi, but you have to talk your way in.

Similarly Institute of Directors, Pall Mall.


>Base2stay , I stayed there recently, it DOES NOT offer free wifi fyi, take this map with a large pinch of salt

Well, it's only as good as the reader suggestions. If any of these spots are just not true, or something's changed, let me know here and I'll update the map.



free wifi in camden:

Oh! Bar
111-113 Camden High Street

Camden Eye (across from camden town tube)
2 Kentish Town Road


Another Cafe in the city:

26 Copthall Avenue, The City


Half Moon
10 Half Moon Lane
Herne HIll
SE24 9HU

Has free wifi


There is a restaurant on Jermyn Street that offers free wifi. Its called Abracadabra

Michael Hunt

Good ol' Cecil's Cockring Emporium has 24hr wifi over on Bendover St. Put that down.

Mark McLaughlin

Here's another with free access - Café Arlington at 92 Dean Street, London, W1D 3SY


Hi there -- nice one.

What about taking wikimapia-style concept so others can contribute their own directly?


The george in Whitechapel says it does... never been in though.... think it's on commercial road.


Suburb (19 Short Gardens, Covent Garden) has now closed down :-(



Both Hummus Bros have free wifi:
88 Wardour Street, W1F 0TJ
Victoria House, 37-63 Southampton Row, WC1B 4DA


Prince of Wales Pub on Wilton Road @ Longmoore Street (Pimlico).


The Mucky Pup in Angel does free wifi

The Mucky Pup
39 Queen's Head Street
N1 8NQ

Mark Walley

Marylebone tup on Marylebone high street supposedly has free wifi

Nick Horley

Ritzy Cinema in Brixton - the cafe on the 1st floor has free wi-fi. Haven't tried accessing it from outside the building tho.

Marc Jones

Wimbledon Hideaway,
175 Kingston Road,
SW19 1LH

Tel. 020 8544 9451


The Camden Tup has free Wifi, you just have to buy a drink to get the key

2-3 Greenland Place,


The Pembury Tavern in Hackney (E8 1JH) also has free wireless.


Institute of Directors has free wfi for members only. You need a membership number to log in. Their door staff won't let you in the premises without a membership card !


The Covent Garden Hotel, Monmouth Street's got it.


Rich Mix arts centre/cinema at the end of Bethnal Green Road.


Leon at 3 Crispin Place is in kinda the wrong place on your map, I know because I wasted half an hour at lunchtime looking for it! Very glad to have the map though, cheers.

Dean Nicholas

Cafe Shiraz, 127 Hammersmith Road W14
...Pick More Daisies, Crouch End Hill, N8
Natural Cafe, Crouch End Broadway, N8


One more to add: my lovely local, the Lord Stanley.

51 Camden Park Road


Great idea.
I have 2 to add off the top of my head.
1st is a restaurant cafe baropen 7 days from Breakfast thru Dinner -
The Empress of India
130 Lauriston Rd
Hackney E9 7LH

It is free just ask for password.
Same applies the the next a pub-
The Lauriston
cnr Victoria Park Rd and Lauriston Rd E9
162 Victoria Park Road, London, E9 7JN
Keep it up


Great project....

another to add

5th View Bar
Waterstone's Piccadilly
203-206 Piccadilly
London W1J 9LE
020 7851 2433

Free Wi-Fi and great views as well....


This is great. The commercial Wi-Fi maps - even the free ones are woefully inadequate. Thanks for your efforts!
Another one for your list is the Albany Centre, Douglas Way, Deptford SE8 4AG. Free Wi-Fi and decent coffee.

You can also set up your own free wi-fi hotspot


Hi,I found the great website full of only free hot-spots around the world with easy search engine. Database is still growing because anyone can post information about new hot-spot.


Another wireless cafe: Chai on Brick Lane, I think on the corner of Sclater Street. It has loads of sofas and is always full of laptopers so you feel like you're part of a community :)



mews of mayfair in lancashire ct. near bond st

piccolino restaurant in heddon st. off regent

both free with no password


Please add this lovely venue:

Amano Cafe
Victor Wharf
Clink St

Food and drinks quite reasonable and staff are very helpful in helping you located a good table to plug in your laptop!
Amano have other branches in Bankside and up in Harrow but not sure if they also have wi-fi




There's a free Wi-fi point at the Windmill pub on Acton High Street, which as an Acton resident I make use of frequently when my own net goes down.


The Jim Thompson Thai pub/restaurant on Upper Richmond Road, Putney, has free WiFi, as advertised outside on boards - SW15 6JP

Great pub, too :)


A new oasis in the wifi desert of southeast london: Question Bar & Restaurant, 45-47 Dartmouth Road, Forest Hill SE23 3HN Tel 020 86995686


Have you heard about the company FON. They are a new WiFi company. worth checking out. Its the worlds largest WiFi community apparently. Also, they are launching a competition for people in the UK offering them the chance to win a trip to Madrid or one of their WiFi routers. The link is


Marios cafe (amazing pasta too) Rathbone Place W1


Marios cafe - Rathbone Place. very nice pasta too


Friends House (Quaker Meeting House) at 173 Euston Road (opposite Euston Station) has free Wifi and a Cafe and Library. I think wifi is also accessible in the nice public garden outside too.


great cafe in southwark, good value food and free wifi - the island cafe, 1 Flat Iron Square, Union Street, London SE1 0AB


Don't forget the Big Chill!

The Big Chill Bar
Dray Walk off Brick Lane
London E1 6QL
Tel: 0207 392 9180

Free wifi and it's a quiet place to hang out on a weekday afternoon. Only open from noon, though.


Ritzi cafe in Brixton is a great and quiet venue for WIFI, but is only available until 7 pm.


The Southbank Centre
Belvedere Road
London SE1 8XX

has free WiFi in the Royal Festival Hall and, unlike at BFI Southbank, it doesn't require a login. The Visiting Us page notes that:

Free wireless internet - or WiFi - is available in Level 2 in the Royal Festival Hall. Please note, Southbank Centre reserves the right to withdraw this service at any time.

I have successfully used the WiFi on level 5.

Nico Macdonald, Spy


What a great service! You should suggest all of the "ist" sites to do the same.


GREAT site!!! Thanks.

A great cafe/restaurant that also has free wifi is the following:

The Troubadour
263-7 Old Brompton Road

Thanks again for the hard work on this. It's very helpful!


there is a free hotspot in Balham at the exhibit bar / restaurant


Hi, I often go to my local library to study, and work and....use free WIFI! I'm surprised no libraries are included here. I go to Dulwich Library which has a large study floor area with sockets to plug in your laptop. I dont know about you but I simply cannot do any work or study at home so the library is a godsend and free. Apart from Dulwich there are 3 other Southwark libraries that also have wifi. I list them here and a link to Southwark Libraries Wifi page.

Dulwich Library
368 Lordship Lane
SE22 8NB

Camberwell Library
17-21 Camberwell Church Street

John Harvard Library
211 Borough High Street

Peckham Library
Peckham Hill Street
SE15 5JR

About Southwark Libraries free Wifi

This is the best wifi listing site I've come across by the way. Good work. Easy to search and Google map is to me the best Map engine around. But on here, zooming in is a bit cumbersome. Can you guys improve that because it should be much easier like on the actual Google map site?


Windsor House,
40-41 Great Castle Street,

0871 971 3774

A friend who works in Oxford Circus told my that Apostrophe cafe has free WiFi if you buy a cup of coffee. Can anyone confirm?


Al Volo near spitalfields offer free Wi-Fi:

Al Volo
16 Hanbury St
E1 6QL

Tel: 020 7377 0808


Here's another one. I'm in here most days in the week, it's become my office which is better than working from home as I usually do!

Bar Story in Peckham has free wi-fi. They are open from midday/early afternoon(ish) onwards.
213 Blenheim Grove, SE15

Right by Peckham Rye BR station.
Get there around Happy Hour (6pm - 8pm on weekdays) when they do yummy 2-for-1 cocktails!

Lorraine Liyanage


Thanks for the map.

I too have found the free wi-fi on Upper Street (Islington) hard to use. Very spotty and frequently drops out.

Couldn't find the Mucky Pup shown at 39 Queens Head St (Islington). Doesn't seem to exist.
There is free wi-fi at the pub 'The Old Queens Head' at 44 Essex Rd N1 8LN (cross street is Queens Head).
Need to ask at the bar for the password.

Also spotted a place in EC1 that displayed it had free wi-fi. Haven't used it though. It's 'Saki Bar & Food Emporium' at 4 West Smithfield, EC1A 9JX

Disappointed with the amount of free wi-fi in London so far. Was spoiled by living in San Francisco previously.


I found the Mucky Pup (39 Queen's Head Street, Islington, N1 8NQ); not sure how I missed it before.

It should be marked as a pub not a cafe.

FYI: It only opens at 4pm each day.


Just spotted another free wi-fi place today when having some breakfast:

Seymour Bros., in Camberwell:

2-4 Grove Lane
Camberwell, SE5 8SY, UK
+44 20 7701 4944

Lorraine Liyanage


Evin Cafe in Dalston - 115 Kingsland High St Dalston E8

Mark Cant


& The Prince George, Dalston: 40, Parkholme Rd, Hackney, London, E8 3AG

Mark Cant



Urban Coffee, 74 Tooting High Street, SW17 ORN

Friendly staff, great coffee, cosy place to wifi up for an hour or two...


And another one in good old Peckham, The Rye Hotel:

31 Peckham Rye, SE15 3NX

Gastropub with comfy seating. And it's really toasty and warm!

Lorraine Liyanage


The Regent Pub in Islington on the corner of Liverpool Rd and Richmond Avenue has free wireless (just need to ask for the password at the bar).
They do great pizza too.

Here's someone's blogpost on it:


I found that Montagu Puke bar In Charing Cross rOAD HAS WIFI TOO !!!


The Landseer pub in Holloway has free wifi for customers, ask at the bar.

37 Landseer Road, N19 4JU


The Belle Vue pub in Clapham has free wi-fi for patrons, although I haven't tried it out yet.

Belle Vue, Clapham Common, London, SW4 7AA


More pubs:
Slaughered lamb in EC1
the pub outside great portland street station
Villandry in portland place


The 'Mucho Mas' taqueria in Islington lists it has free wi-fi on its board. Haven't confirmed it myself though.

Details are:
Mucho Mas
27 Upper St, Islington, N1
Open 11.30am-10pm Sun-Thurs
11:30am-midnight Fri-Sat

Haven't seen any recent updates to the map :-(
Hoping this project is still active as I found this map very valuable when I first moved to London (a few months ago).


My mistake, the map is being updated (yeah! and THANKS!)

A few corrections / additions:

* The pub in N1 that has free wi-fi (and good pizza) is named 'The Regent' (not The Richmond); it's at the corner of Liverpool Rd and Richmond Ave.
The address is 201 Liverpool Rd, N1 1LX
Timeout reviewed it a few days after my post; here's their review:

* The Old Queen's Head has the address 44 Essex Rd (at Queen's Head St), N1 8LN
Currently it's on the map but without an address

Thanks again for maintaining the map!


Bush Garden Cafe offers it (get your password with your coffee). Lovely people, lovely place in Shepherds Bush.

59 Goldhawk Road,
Shepherds Bush,
W12 8EG


Great idea. Thought this is worth registering for...

I know about another free Wifi spot. It's in Southeast London:

Jam Circus
330-332 Brockley Road
(close to Crofton Park Station)

You'll get the password at the bar. The connection is sometimes flawed but other than that it's quite fast. Plus: there's also live music on Sunday evenings.


Hello! Thanks for creating such a fantastic tool. Loads of little spots are popping up on or around Brick Lane, these being:

The Castle (pub), 44 Commercial Road, Aldgate E1 1LN

Cafe Suki, 12-20 Osborn Street, Brick Lane, London E1 6TE Tel 020 7456 1067

Coffee @ Brick Lane, 154 Brick Lane, E1 6RU, 020 7247 6735. (and its sister shop further up)

Cha lounge, Brick Lane, E16 E27

Free wifi AND coffee 12noon-6pm M-F at Casa Blue | 228 Brick Lane | London | E2 6DG

LCB Surf Store, 121 bethnal green road, E2 7DG

Cheers guys!



Here's another one – the Greyhound in Carshalton. It's a Young's pub which is also a hotel. Ask at reception for a free 24-hour username and password. I tested this on Thursday 21 February 2008 on a MacBook and it worked fine. (See for more details.)

Greyhound Hotel
2 High Street


Barbican now has free wifi in public areas


Two places in Maida vale: Roma's cafe and accross the street, a pub called the Elgin. Both have free wifi with purchase. Right near Maida Vale tube.


Some south london wifi spots to balance the picture, is the map still being updated?

blackcherry bar, 21 lordship lane, east dulwich
Seymour Bros, grove lane, camberwell
Funky Monkey 25 Camberwell Church Street, London SE5 8TR
House Gallery, Cafe, 70 Camberwell Church Street, London, SE5
George Canning, Denmark Hill, London, SE5 8BG
Le Pain Quotidien, south bank centre by RFH, and other loctions


Free Wifi in Kensington/Chelsea

The Prince Regent, 25 Glouscester Road, SW7 4PL


The Garden on Upper Street in Angel:

The Garden, 179 Upper Street, London - London Public


Free Wifi in Fulham:

The Beach on Fulham Road. (restaurant)
Durrell on Fulham Road. (pub)


Free WiFi at the Lion Pub, Wick Road, Teddington TW11
Ask at the bar for Access code.


Free Wifi in all Brera cafes:

Lyric Square
London W6 0QL

Unit 38E Jubilee Place
45 Bank Street
Canary Wharf
London E14 5NY

Unit 12 Cabot Place West
Cabot Square
Canary Wharf
London E14 4QT

31 Westferry Circus
Canary Wharf
London E14 8RR


suprised no one has mentioned the boundless network in Deptford (SE8) - a free and open mesh network for over 3 years now... you can find a node map on:
boundless map


The McDonald's at the Liverpool Street tube station has free wireless, as well as the one on Oxford Street between Marble Arch and Bond tubestops.


Green Dragon pub, 889 Green Lanes, Winchmore Hill N21 2QP


The Natural Cafe in Richmond has folded - I don't know if any of the other branches are still going but they don't have a Richmond one any more.

As far as I know this means there's now no free wi-fi in Richmond at all...


Eco Cafe opposite camden contact lens centre on Camden High road has free wifi. Sorry, don't know number or postcode (if I could just go ahead and add it on the map it would really help)


Catherine, not sure about Richmond, but Kew Gardens Free House, right on the train station, has free WIFI


Around Crouch end - Natural Cafe has folded;

Hornsey Library offers free wifi (you need to register at the counter but it is free):

Haringey Park
N8 9JA


Another for the list:

Ryans Bar
181 Stoke Newington Church Street
N16 0UL

If anyone knows any others in the Stoke Newington area I'd love to know about them - this is the only one I've found yet.


Saw the comment re: Leon at 3 Crispin Place. The location on the map needs to be a little north of Brushfield Street. Crispin Place is a pedestrianised area lying just west of Spitalfields Market, east of Bishopsgate. Leon sits amongst a row of restaurants across from an office building. Might be a bit tricky to find if someone isn't familiar with this relatively new development.

Also, Al Volvo at Hanbury Street is actually called Al Volo.

Great map! Thanks!


All the Coffee@ branches should have free wifi, though I've only been in the Bermondsey and the Goswell road branch. I haven't used the wifi myself, so I'm not sure if you have to buy a drink or not.

Coffee@ 157 Brick Lane, London E1 6SB
Coffee@ Bermondsey Street, 163 Bermondsey Street, SE1 3UW 020 7423 1525
Coffee@ Brick Lane, 154 Brick Lane, London E1 6RU
Coffee@ Goswell Road, 160 Goswell Road, EC1V 7DU
Coffee@ Tower Bridge Road, 179 Tower Bridge Road, SE1 2AW 020 7427 4273

(The full name of each one is Coffee@ [place name])

bearded wonder

There's also a Coffee@ on Whitecross Street EC1Y 8JL.

Same rules as Goswell Road - buy something; get a wifi logon for one hour.


A couple of suggestions

Rustique Literary cafe
Fortress Road, Tufnell Park, London N19

The Junction Tavern
101 Fortess Road, Kentish Town NW5 1AG


Idea Store Canary Wharf
Churchill Place
London E14 5RB

Ask the helpdesk for the web proxy settings.

Leigh Caldwell

Three more we discovered yesterday:
- Legal Cafe, 81 Haverstock Hill, NW3 4SL - an odd place that seems to provide legal advice as well as coffee and very nice cheesecake
- The Sir Richard Steele, 97 Haverstock Hill,
NW3 4RL. Didn't try this pub out but the wifi is advertised
- White Horse, 154 Fleet Road, Hampstead NW3 2QX. Nice place - the wifi didn't work at first but the staff were happy to reboot it for us and it was fine then. There was trouble getting a DNS lookup for Google Mail, but everything else worked.


This is a great resource; thanks!

As others have reported, we couldn't find the expected free wireless in Leicester Square, and none of the three or four cafe workers we asked had ever heard of it.

The map lists the Kingways Hall Hotel as having free wireless, but they don't; we're staying there now and they want to charge us quite a lot.

The listing for Navajo Joe shows the marker in the wrong place; they're actually just a half-block or so down King Street, WSW from the Covent Garden piazza.

Also with free wireless in that area is Muffinski's, 5 King Street.


Hi you all. I'm new in this blog. I'm italian. My brother is going to stay in London for about 1 year. I would like to understand if this hotspots are really free, or if someone want to use them has to drink something in a bar for example to obtain a code to access to the wifi. I hope my question is clear (my english is quite poor).
Bye and thank you all.


I love the map, a great idea. I suppose you already know this, but Whetherspoon pubs offer free wi-fi to it's customers.
As I'm a Cloud subscriber I've not tried the free access (they provide the service) but its seems to work for me.



Hi again,
The Barbican Wi-fi is free it certainly works on the ground floor and the Waterside tce. Lost it on level 2 though.
I'm writing this from the BFI it's free the username is bfi as is the password, another customer told me it, not sure how I would have found it otherwise. They even provide a desk in the foyer with 13A sockets if your batttery is flat. I can't VPN my work server though, its probably a zelous wire wall.

Keep looking



Core (cafe/restaurant) in Paddington has unlimited free wifi for customers.
It's a little hidden away (behind Tesco Express).

Click here for map


Core (cafe/restaurant) in Paddington basin has free unlimited wifi for customers.
It's a little hidden away:-


12 West End Quay
1 South Wharf Road
W2 1JB


One on Brockley:

Toad's Mouth Cafe

It's just down from the station, does food and has a conservatory out the back. It's a bit confusing when you walk in but just go down the stairs.


The Wheatsheaf in Ealing does free wifi.

41 Haven Lane, London W5 2HZ


Here they also offer free wifi:

Testa Rossa caffèbar
Edgware Road 8
W2 2EN London

Right around the corner of Marble Arch.


Another coffee spot that offers free wifi access, without the need to log in or so:

Testa Rossa caffèbar
Edgware Road 8
W2 2EN London


Just sitting at the Camden Arts Center on Finchley Road. An awesome place with free wifi as well, a beautiful garden and – even better – a free arts exhibition ;-)

They use broadscape as wifi-provider who has several spots in London, that you might want to integrate into your map: - virtually free.

Best Mario


British Library began offering free wifi on 1st October. Requires user to create an account.

Proud Camden on Chalk Farm Road advertises free wifi, although I haven't tried it yet.


Coffee Republic on Strand offers wifi free for 45 minutes with a code. It is sponsored by Lufthansa and I imagine it is across their chain.


Negril on Brixton Hill has free wifi (and the best free-range jerk chicken in London, too):

132 Brixton Hill


The Scandinavian Kitchen on Great Titchfield Street has free Wifi - just ask for the code from the uber-friendly staff.


Charlie's Cafe on St Pauls Road, N1 now has free wifi to enjoy with your breakfast (nice choc croissants).


St Pancras station now certainly has free wifi. I haven't checked the entire station for signal with my old school i-phone but it certainly works in the 'circle' area down towards the domestic departures area (where the restaurants and cafes are).


Lock 7 Cycle Cafe, 129 Pritchards Road, London E2 9AP
Arcola Theatre, 27 Arcola St, London, E8 2DJ


Yates, Leicester Square has free wifi, plus in SE London, the Ladywell Tavern has free wifi if you ask for the code which is in a book...


The Legal Cafe on Haverstock Hill no longer has free Wifi - costs £3 a day now.

The Steeles a few doors up has it, though. The signal's a bit weak, but it's an OK speed.


the NFT/BFI wifi works well, at least in the lobby. username and password, both bfi.

in highgate, three useful places with free wifi. right outside the station is the woodman, a pub with free wifi. ask for the password at the bar.

in highgate village, at the crossing of southwood lane and the high street, more or less, is the gatehouse. cheap beer, free wifi. but the crowd is a but on the geriatric side.

and finally, in the village itself, dragonfly whole foods has free wifi. it's a nice place but HIDEOUSLY expensive and the staff can be a bit snotty.

and finally, most McD's seem to now have free wifi. have used the one in archway, one in hampstead (both near the tube stations), and also on upper street near highbury corner.


I am sitting in Cafe Brero @ Westferry Circus in Canary Wharf. Genuine free connection with no forms to fill out/ no time limit/ no strings attached. Did a speed test: 512 kbps download 258 kbps upload. Am the only one in the cafe currently using a laptop.

Nice Italian cafe with comfy sofas, plenty of tables, and a great view over the River. Staff friendly and unintrusive. They are happy to let you sit here for 3 hours once you've ordered a coffee. Four power sockets. Relatively uncrowded, only problem is that it is also a bar at night, so from 4pm music comes on and starts becoming louder and louder, making work difficult.


Following hotels offer free WiFi to its guests. I did not find these on your map.

Quality Crown Hotel Kensington
162 Cromwell Road, Kensington, London SW5 OTT.

Quality Crown Hotel Paddington
144 Praed Street, Paddington, London W2 1HU.

Quality Crown Hotel Hyde Park
8-14 Talbot Square, Hyde Park, London, W2 1TS.

Hope this helps.


This is a new addition to Paddington hotels offering free WiFi.

Hotel Indigo London-Paddington
16 London Street, Paddington, London W2 1HL.


Oliver's Village Cafe on Belsize Lane, Belsize Park (NW3 5BE) has pretty decent free wifi. Also does an excellent full English for a fiver, and nice coffee. My new favourite cafe.

Metro has an excellent map showing both wifi hotspots. By default it shows both paid-for (as in, you have to buy a cup of coffee or something) and free wifi hotspots; however using advanced search, it can be set to only show free hotspots.

Click HERE for the free wfi spots map.


The Bush Garden cafe I mentioned in #93 changed owners and promptly went out of business. Doh!


The Old Ship. Hackney Central. 2 Sylvester Path E8 1EN. No log on required.


Check out this list of laptop friendly cafes in London, ths site lists FREE WiFi cafes and also which ones have power too!




Check out this list of laptop friendly cafes in London, ths site lists FREE WiFi cafes and also which ones have power too!





Rose and Crown pub, Hoe Street, Walthamstow:


It's a nice pub too with decent ales and lots of events.


Brodie's Tea Shop, 16 High Street Bromley BR1 (opposite Primark) offers free wifi. You ask for the password at the counter. It's a BT business connection and there's no time limit on the usage. Good coffee, cakes and sandwiches too!

Meanwhile, Coffee Republic in Beckenham, which offered free wifi through the Lufthansa sponsorship deal, has closed.


Pick More Daisies in Crouch End is listed on your map, but is now pushing up daisies. It's closed due to credit crunching.


Dartmouth Arms, SE23 offers free wifi but is not shown on this map. Get the code at the bar.


House of Fraser (Cafe Zest)
101 Victoria Street
London SW1E 6QX


Pret a Manger on Wood Street and near Guildhall both offer free Wifi via a Cloud login (customised for them). I'm not sure if this is the case for all city Pret's but I imagine it would be.

Wagamama at Moorgate offers the same thing.

The Barbican free Wifi is also via the Cloud.


The new Westfield shopping cenre in Shepherd's Bush has free wifi throughout.

Rob Lugg

The Masons Arms pub Opposite Battersea Park Station has free WiFi via a password which is on the specials board inside the pub.


Camden Coffee House on 30 Camden Road, NW1 9DP, has free wifi and has just opened up.


Hi. Thanks for such a great site. I believe free wifi is offered at:


Free Wi-fi, Also available at the Lord Nelson pub on Manchester Road at the bottom of the Isle of Dogs.

1 Manchester Road, E14 3BD

Has anyone else noticed that for an area that is supposed to be a business centre of London there is very little Wi-Fi in Canary Wharf? Do we think that the estate has banned it?


The Albion in Shoreditch has free wifi. No registraion required. 2-4 Boundary Street E2 7DD


The Radisson Hotel Edwardian Vanderbilt on the Cromwell Road just outside Gloucester Road tube had free wifi the last few times I was there (you just need to buy one of their 4 pound cappucinos(!)).

Also the Radisson Edwardian Hotel in Heathrow Airport (on the Bath Road) has free wifi too from my last trips at least.


The Radisson Hotel Edwardian Vanderbilt on the Cromwell Road just outside Gloucester Road tube had free wifi the last few times I was there (you just need to buy one of their 4 pound cappucinos(!)).

Also the Radisson Edwardian Hotel in Heathrow Airport (on the Bath Road) has free wifi too from my last trips at least.


I always use the free wi-fi at Westfield in SHepherd's Bush. It's great to be able to sit down while shopping and log on. You have to register but that's it - it's free after that. Really easy to use.


The Dog and Fox pub in Wimbledon Village also has free wifi (I think it's called the High Street it's on but it's the main street in Wimbledon Village).


The Dog and Fox pub in Wimbledon Village also has free wifi (I think it's called the High Street it's on but it's the main street in Wimbledon Village).


The Salt House Pub, Abbey Road, NW8


Hey! Great site!

Couple of updates:
- Esco in Clapham no longer has wifi.
- Cafe Zest in Victoria's House of Fraser is so slow it isn't worth going.



Couple more updates:

- Cafe Arlington is closed for renovation in SOHO.
- The Couch in SOHO has free wireless all day no strings attached. 7-99, Dean St, London, W1D 3T
- The Pavement also has no string attached wifi: 21 The Pavement, Clapham, London, SW4 0HY
- Benugo in SOHO is now an art supply shop and should be taken off the map.



Currently reading this using free WiFi in the Specialita Siciliana cafe in Shad Thames.

Great coffee too.

There are a few cafes along here that have it.


List of Hotels in London with free wifi for guests and in public areas e.g. lobby can be found at:


The Trader Pub: 142-146 Whitecross St, London, EC1Y - open wifi although some sites/images are blocked. The signal also works in the italian cafe and greasy spoon opposite.


The Florence Pub, Herne Hill - http://www.capitalpubcompany.c...
The Lido Cafe, Brockwell Lido -


The Wilmington Arms
69 Rosebery Avenue, EC1R 4RL
Free wifi and sockets. Just ask and they're usually happy to help with password, best place to sit etc. Good weekday place esp after the lunch rush. Decent, reasonably priced meals too.

40 Exmouth Market
London EC1R 4QE
Has free wifi and sockets. Am told that connection's a little dodgy sometimes. Eating and drinking can also be expensive.

Coffee Republic
52 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8LT
Good connection and there are sockets available near the front. Annoyingly, you'll need to get new log in 'tickets' every 20/60 minutes so only good for short term use.

Went to All About Coffee on Leatherlane market last week and all three members of staff didn't have a clue about their wifi connection and I couldn't find it so had to leave. Has anyone else had this problem?



Looks like there's free wifi at Tate Modern, haven't tried it though!


Two places in Crouch End:

Villiers Terrace Pub and Dining Room has free wireless. It's a big gastro-pub, with lots of space, sofas and sockets. There's a lot of outdoor space where you can also use wireless. Only problem is it gets quite busy at weekends - more a weekday place if you want to work, as long as you can put up with the mothers and prams! Address: 120 Park Road, N8 8JP

The Queens Hotel also has wireless. Similar place - gastro-pub with a dining area, though slightly younger crowd and a bit quieter early evening. There's a beer garden, but don't know if the wireless works there.
Address: 26 Broadway Parade, Tottenham Lane, N8 9DE


The Bean on Curtain Road Shoreditch no longer has wi-fi.


Fleet River Bakery in Holborn has free wifi (I'm using it right now, it's fast and reliable)

It's also pretty much the only place around Holborn that has free wifi, and is really rather lovely in its own right. Monmouth coffee pretty well-made, lovely cakes and a good brunch menu.

It's on Gate St, just off Kingsway (across the alley from Shakespeare's Head Whetherspoons)


My locals: Acoustic Cafe, Newington Green N16 9PX
Edinburgh Cellars, Newington Green N1 4RA


Great this will be very useful.

London Affiliate


Great list. You can add St Christopher's Hostel in Camden to it: 48-50 Camden High Street, Camden NW1. Decent connection there.


St Pancreas station has wifi. No log in. Works a treat!

Kevin @

Pret at the new Euston station courtyard has free wifi for customers


Costa Coffee in East Finchley N2 9PN and Cafe Latino in The Mall, Wood Green.

All the libraries in Haringey have free wi-fi. Swiss Cottage library also has free wi-fi with a 'password of the day' on a notice board by the main entrance.


Bar Camino in Regents Quarter by Kings's Cross station is a favourite of mine. The bar staff will give you the info. Plus you can eat and drink Spanish-style!


Very good servise,this.
Any free wi -fi in canary wharf area?


There are several ways for tourists to get internet for their iPhones.

Four main ways (in order of recommendation):

1. Unlock your iPhone and buy a local sim card. Top up for internet.

2. Rent a local iPhone. For example,

3. Download a free wifi-finder app for where you’re going and try to pick up free wifi.

4. Call your mobile network to go on their travel roaming plan. Use data for emails mostly.

This one might work for those bold enough.

Rack up an inane amount of roaming charges upwards of $300 and then call your carrier afterwards. Be shocked and apologize. Ask it to be wiped out. I’ve heard stories of people having $600 being written off.

more advice from


Ku Bar, just off of Charing Cross road -

No log in, just straight on the web. How it should be!


Hi all!

I'm working on a new project at City Hall - London WiFi - with the hope to bring free quality WiFi services across the capital.

It's early days, but we would really like your input. What do you think the best way of getting Wifi to all Londoners could be? If you had to prioritise areas of London for Wifi, which areas? Any WiFi standards you think we should/shouldn't look into?

We're keen to move quickly on the project, so get in touch! Follow us on Twitter - @WiFiLondon.



Another thought - how do you think we could convince Londoners and business to 'open up' their own WiFi connections for public use?

If software was able to take care of the security, would you open up a percentage of your wireless connection for others to use?

Thanks! Twitter: WiFiLondon


Tony - as curator of this map, and someone who relies on wifi a lot, I have a fair bit to say about this. Wanna chat? Contact me on - at -

Matt Brown
Editor, Londonist


The Couch Bar at 97-99 Dean St in Soho - comfy couches, great food and free, easy to access wifi


Come on guys, this really hasn't been updated for 6 months! Get on it!

3 additions to your map:

The square pig (pub - free network)
30-32 Proctor Street
London, WC1R 4QG, UK

The Penderel's Oak (pub - free network through the cloud)
286-288 High Holborn
London, WC1V 7HJ

Pret a Manger (coffee/sandwich - free network through the cloud)
67 Tottenham Court Road
London, W1T 2EY

alex bloom

The North London Tavern
375 Kilburn High Road
London, NW6 7QB, United Kingdom
020 7625 6634



The Willoughby Arms
47 Willoughby Road
Kingston upon Thames
Super fast 20meg free access. Ask for passwords at the bar (to restrict cheeky neighbours nippin in to the www without nippin into the pub!!))


youmesushi on Marylebone Rd just east of Gloucester Pl


London map in WiGLE The Wireless Geographic Logging Engine

Rachella Sinclair

Is this still being updated?

If so, I've got another one in Wood Green. I'm sitting in it now and there seems to be no restrictions:

The Mall Wood Green
145 High Road, London N22 6BA


Tudor Barn in Eltham has free wifi, it's the only Tudor Barn in London and is surrounded by 13 acres of beautiful Parklands. The Coffee and food are great and it's right next to Eltham Station.


Just discovered worksnug - lists workspaces in London and elsewhere, and has free augmented reality iphone app to help you locate workspaces on the go - with wifi, noise levels, power availability, coffee quality etc. Definitely worth checking out!


Alphabet Bar on Beak Street, Soho. Great sandwiches and amazing chips too.


Hello--I am from the States and will be in London the month of July. Do any of you know anything about system requirements for accessing wi-fi? I have your average laptop with a wireless card built in, but I don't want to be frustrated by not being able to use it while over there. Anyone anticipate my having trouble?

This map is incredible. Such a help. Thank you!

Lisa in CO


UPDATE: BFI password has changed. It's now bfi_wifi
Best signal in the main foyer cafe (Riverside cafe it's a bit weak).

Firozzi 349 Kennington Road Kennington SE11 4QE
Requires password (they'll give it to you if you buy anything/ask).

Chris Martin


Hook and Chessington Library / The Hook Centre
Hook Road, Chessington, KT9 1EJ

Ask at the main counter or the library counter for the password.

Kingston Libraries


the rather fabulous 'Tina We Salute You' cafe in Dalston has wifi, but is already rather full of creative types and their macbooks nursing a single coffee for hours on end... they are very tolerant proprieters


What about McDonald's? Most have free wi-fi. Is Londonist above them?


Very useful information especially for someone whos coming over for a holiday.


Cafe Oto, 18-22 Ashwin St, Dalston E8 3DL. A bit flakey depending on usage, but the ever-helpful staff will always re-set if you ask.


Canary Wharf remains a virtual WiFi desert as the local banking businesses securitise their networks like crazy. The Coffee Republic hotspot you mapped was closed, with the rest of the chain, in July 2009. The shop is now a Starbucks, with its paid-for WiFi policy.

As far as I know, Brera in the Jubilee Place mall is the only place to get a free signal, sitting on the benches by the escalators means you don't need to buy a coffee.


The lovely Gallery Cafe on Old Ford Road in Bethnal Green has free wifi and yummy food


The Eleanor Arms at 460 Old Ford Road has free WiFi and is in the Good Beer Guide.

Renuka S Menon

"Hey there I have found lots of free wifi locations throughout London, England.
Check it :-


City Hall (SE1 2AA) provides free Wifi, in association with Wifi Hotzone, to the immediate area - especially The Scoop at More London.

Wifi Hotzone also provide 15 minutes' free access per user per week along the Thames and on Thames Clippers services


Erm, not sure I believe that you spoke with every venue. I know Fly at 26 Copthall Avenue in the City closed down 6-plus months ago...


Very useful - thank you! Any chance of an Android app anytime soon?


Hi the Gladstone Arms on 64 Lant Street SE1 1QN has free Wi-Fi for all

Paul Lucke

What would be really neat would be an iPhone app "where is my nearest 2 or 3 cafes/bars with free wifi"

If you are stuck waiting for a train in Oxted there is free wifi in the Wetherspoons pub beside the station (The Oxted Inn) and it does pretty fair pub grub too.

London Stock Market

i wonder when the day will come when whole of london is wifi and you need no internet connection

Justin D

keep an eye on - its launching soon and I have heard it will have loads of hotspots in London


Caffe Torelli, Station Approach, Kew Gardens

great cafe, great coffee and snacks.



yumchaa in camden lock, camden parkway and berwick st all have free wifi


Leon in Carnaby St doesn't have free wifi. Very disappointing.


As far as I can tell all Pret A Manger's have free wifi (at least the one's I've been into in central London)...


coffee republic earls court close about 2 years ago


There is a Leon behind the Tate Modern which has free wifi now.


Shish in Willesden has closed down.

Henning von Vogelsang

How does one submit new spots? I am at Cilantro, a cafe 100 Tottenham Ct Rd, London W1T 4TT. This cafe has free wifi and always space.

Henning von Vogelsang

The Westfield Shopping Centre near Shepherds Bush has also free wifi throughout the entire complex.


Yazu Sushi, Unit 2, 46 Curzon Street, W1J 7UH is a small sushi bar with free wifi.

I know, as I'm the restaurant owner.

Heidi Halloween

When I do on-line banking, that's through websites that have extra layers of security. (Matching pictures or clicking on a missing letter in a secret word.) As far as I know, St Pancras hasn't compromised my bank account (if I've done any banking from there).
On 11 January St Pancras's Security Certificate expired and my laptop didn't want to use St Pancras's wi-fi for several days. (I guess it's up to date now.)
I found another totaly free hot spot last week. It's at the Victoria Coach Station. (Some of the buses advertise free wi-fi but I haven't been on one of those yet.) (I'm now using a friend's internet connection in Wales.)



Waltham Forest libraries:

So does the new Westfield Centre in Stratford


The Coach And Horses 26-28 Ray Street EC1R 3DJ has free wifi


What is the name of the iPhone wifi finder app for London? There are a few in the iTunes store. Any recommendations?


Karpo 23-27 Euston Road - 3 floors of free Wifi access

Arianna Christian

I totally agree with post and also informative post.


At they track venues with free wifi and where operators don't mind you coming in for a coffee whilst using your ipad etc. They currently have about 800 sites in the UK and growing.


does any one know Moo Cantina Middlesex (located in middlesex street Liverpool Street) New Wifi Password?