Free Wifi in London...Mapped

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Last Updated 26 May 2007

Free Wifi in London...Mapped

NOTE: Although many of the venues in this map are still providing free wifi, we're no longer updating the map as it's proving an impossibly challenging task. Free wifi can now be readily found throughout town. For the same reason, we've also withdrawn our wifi app from the iTunes store.

UPDATE 20 July 2009

Another 14 locations added, bringing the total to 319. Please continue to suggest additions or corrections.

UPDATE 15 April 2009

Another update. We now show 305 free wifi spots around London. Please continue to suggest additions and amendments in the comments.

UPDATE 18 January 2009

Map updated. 279 locations now available. Please continue to add new locations to the comments.

UPDATE 5 October 2008

Another update adding a few more places. NOTE, Coffee Republic do offer free wifi at most outlets, but only for the first 10 minutes, according to their website.

UPDATE 16 August 2008

The map has once again been updated. We now list 235 places that offer complementary wifi. Please keep additions and corrections coming in the comments, and thanks to all who have contributed so far.

UPDATE 27 April 2008


Almost 200 wifi hotspots have now been mapped. Please keep suggestions coming in. Remember, the location must offer wifi access for free. MacDonalds are rolling out free wifi to all their branches, but we're not going to map all them unless they want to sponsor us!

UPDATE 19 January 2008

We now have 169 bars, restaurants and hotels mapped, and will continue updating the map as and when further additions are suggested by readers. Thanks for your help.

UPDATE 06 October 2007

Thanks to everyone who has contributed free wifi locations to this map. We ARE still updating the map, so keep your comments coming. Remember, we're only mapping free and legal hotspots - i.e. cafes, bars, restaurants and other establishments offering free services to customers.



Try as we might, we couldn't find a decent site that maps all the bars, pubs and coffee shops with free wifi access. So we made a start on it ourselves.

As well as individual eateries, there are several areas in London where free access can be gained over a wide space. The whole of Upper Street is the largest example, but also Leicester Square and a residential area in Marylebone. The whole of the City of London is covered by The Cloud, with a deal that'll get you free access for a month. You then have to pay, so we've not included it on this map.

We'd love to hear about further locations in the comments (preferably with a postcode or door number). Remember, only legitimate places where free access can be gained without tapping into unsecured networks.

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