Monday Miscellanea

Dave Haste
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Monday Miscellanea


Those Londonist numbers translated into photographic illustration...

1,500 Chaps gathered for the Chap Olympiad - spiffing!

20 mile night hike for Maggie's Centres - registration now open!

1.80 for a bag of the best chips in London (title still disputed)

22 October - save that date. And get your camera ready for our 2nd photo competition...

100 ping pong tables have appeared around London. Go! Play!

1,500 X 20 + 1.80 + 22 + 100 = 30,123.8 which, when rounded up, is a nice display of fire alarms at the National Theatre as captured by peterphotographic for the Londonist Flickr pool.

This Week In London’s History

  • Monday - 26th July 1994: A car bomb explodes outside the Israeli embassy in Kensington, injuring 20 people. Later that night, a second car bomb explodes outside the headquarters of an Israeli organisation in North Finchley, North London, injuring a further 6 people.
  • Tuesday - 27th July 1694: Having been established to manage the nation’s finances (via a loan of £1.2 million to the government), the Bank of England is granted the Royal Charter. Wednesday - 28th July 1540: Thomas Cromwell is executed for treason at the Tower of London, at the behest of Henry VIII. Thursday - 29th July 1981: Prince Charles marries Lady Diana Spencer at St Paul’s Cathedral. Friday - 30th July 1966: England defeat West Germany in the FIFA World Cup Final at Wembley Stadium, claiming the Jules Rimet Trophy (and, of course, the status of Football World Champions for the next four years).

    Random London Quote Of The Week

    The man who can dominate a London dinner-table can dominate the world.

    Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance

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