London's Best Chips: Kennedy's

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London's Best Chips: Kennedy's

Photography by Chris Osburn

A quid and 20 pence affords you a more than ample fistful of takeaway chips from this Clerkenwell mainstay. There's a large portion available for £1.80 as well. The chips are chunky, thick and golden - firm on the outside, kinda fluffy on the inside. Although, any bag o' these tuber-iffic babies will invariably include an assortment of crisp little fried up shards and bits.

At the corner of Goswell and Lever Street (just look for sea of the black cabs parked out front), Kennedy's has only been around a relatively short while, but the space had been a fish and chip shop under different ownership for years before. A takeaway entrance and a spacious dining room with fairly friendly table service provide opportunities for a mad dash (there always seems to be a takeaway queue anytime of the day but it does move quickly) or a proper sit down. And with forearm sized portions of fish, platefuls of whitebait and plenty of other London caff and chippy menu options, it's a good place to consider when you want to linger over some old school comfort food, eavesdrop on cabbie convos and pretend the gentrified parallel street (and universe) of St John Street doesn't exist.

Kennedy's is located at 184-186 Goswell Road (EC1 7DT). There's another location in Streatham. Visit Kennedy's online at

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I so agree, best chips ivs ever had


Moved into the area a couple of months ago and found this fish and chip shop (which also has restaurant attached) so gave the takeaway a try. First visit found the Chips really poor - soggy with a strange aftertaste - and the fish was second rate with poor batter and didn't taste like cod or haddock! Gave it a another try and whilst the chips were the same the pies and sausages were excellent. Gave it another try and pitched up at 1015 pm a couple of weeks ago to be told by a grumpy member of staff that they close at 10pm. Web site says 1030pm. Tried again last week at 950pm to be told the same....pointed out it wasn't 10pm but in didn't matter - and staff member was really grumpy this time. Website still says 1030pm. Right, I thought, one more go and if it's not right this time I'll go elsewhere so went in yesterday at 1230 pm and ordered a minced steak and onion pie and as the server got it out with the tongs she burst the crust and put it in the bag with the gravy going everywhere. I asked her if this is what happened and she got grumpy with me saying it wasn't her fault and what else could she do! Put it in one of the boxes with the chips I suggested, as had been done in my previous visits. I asked for another pie and she got really grumpy so I said forget it and went to go. She asked, really aggressively, what the problem was and I responded that I was going elsewhere as she didn't care about what she was doing and was rude and aggressive. Don't believe the website guys; miserable staff and poor fish and chips - they should rebrand themselves as a pie and sausage shop as those were good but they should also invest in training their staff in people skills.