Ping! - Places To Play Pop-Up Ping Pong

Ben O' Norum
By Ben O' Norum Last edited 167 months ago

Last Updated 23 July 2010

Ping! - Places To Play Pop-Up Ping Pong

Ping! at St. Pancras
Last night saw Ping Pong move into the upper concourse at St. Pancras, and yet there wasn't a shu mai or a char sui to be had. That's likely because it wasn't a new opening of the dim sum chain at all, but actually the launch of Ping!, the latest initiative from Colette Hiller.

Colette was previously responsible for plonking pianos around London landmarks and inviting passers-by to indulge in some improtu invory tinkling. She's now switched to ping pong and, as of tomorrow, 100 table tennis tables will be popping (or should that be pinging up) across pubs, stations, squares and airports all over London.

Locations include the two Tates, Soho Square, The Barbican Centre and the Natural History Museum. You can see all the Google mapped locations here.

If you're passing by, just pick up a bat and have a game - but do be careful of surroundings and those nearby. With Parkour UK offering up extreme table tennis and some impressive ball flinging from the West End Kids, we were praying for St. Pancras' arched glass roof at the launch yesterday...

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