Friday Quiz: London's Bridges

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Friday Quiz: London's Bridges

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We might have made up the story of Boris approving an escalator ride over the Thames, but there are plenty of other way to cross the river. This week's quiz is therefore a test of transpontine trivia. Let us know in the comments if you can get all 10 right without cheating.

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Last Updated 09 July 2010


I think your answer about which bridge is wholly within the City of London is incorrect - check out the map at


Indeed, you are correct. That'll learn me, listening to blue-badge tour guides.


7/10. Pleasantly surprised by that.


9 out of 10 - (giving myself a point for London Bridge for question 9 which I was going to dispute too).


"weak score - a bridge too far?"

bah 6/10


Time there was a bridge at Surbiton! Would make getting to Hampton Court a doddle..