Populist: 16-22 May

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Populist: 16-22 May

The week's most popular posts, and a round-up of what's happening around town.

In the news:

  • Boris unveiled his new bus
  • Wenlock and Mandeville - the ocularly challenged Olympic mascots - waved hello
  • The East London Line commences weekend service tomorrow with 10,000 free tickets - gen up on the south east with our spotlight guides to Brockley, Honor Oak Park and Forest Hill
  • Will the Indie be the next freesheet inside the M25?
  • Democracy Village camped it up on Parliament Square as an interim election report confirmed that voters were badly let down
  • Might the mayoral race in 2012 be Johnson vs Johnson?

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    Other good stuff:

  • Contribute to our map of institutional Twitterers
  • Captain America's going Cockney Don't be surprised to see Chris Martin on Blackheath sky watching
  • Doctor Who the cash cow stage show is coming to Wembley
  • Join the great Tex-Mex debate
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    Comment of the week:

    One of the many comments on the unveiling of the new bus for London:

    Needs a back window, and needs a smiley face on the front. And will the inside look like an overlit swimming pool with nasty plastic seats? Whatever, I'll forgive it as long as it's quieter than the current leviathans that shake my flat to its foundations every 3-4 minutes.

    Poor SebBrennan!

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