Tate Modern: Gustave Doré's Images Of London Recreated

By Talia Last edited 104 months ago
Tate Modern: Gustave Doré's Images Of London Recreated

Whether you're aware of Gustave Doré or not, we'll bet you a shining new guinea that you've seen his etchings. Doré's evocotive depictions of the Victorian metropolis bedeck almost every treatment of the era. Most famously, his masterful images brought to life the otherwise bromidic text of Blanchard Jerrold, whose 1872 book London: A Pilgrimage is still in print.

All 174 pictures from that book have been recreated in modern settings by Swedish artist Martin Karlsson. His reinterpretations can be found behind Tate Modern, decorating the hoardings around the Tate extension site. And, damn, they're good.

Our gallery shows just seven of these impressive sketches, with Doré's originals presented beneath. See the whole series behind Tate Modern until at least 2012.

Last Updated 17 May 2010