Leave No Bear Behind...Part 7

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Leave No Bear Behind...Part 7


An occasional series on the plight of London's abandoned bears.

It's been a few months since our last post in this series. As Spring turned into summer it seemed that the widespread cruelty habitually meted out on London's stuffed bear population was on the wane. Perhaps our campaign was having an effect. Maybe, just maybe, the capital had regained its respect for the harmless teddy bear.

And then we chanced across this. Some poor bear, one of the larger examples of his species, has been strung up from the eves of the Hobgoblin pub in Camden. The lynched ursid swings back and forth as a grisly (grizzly?) reminder to any passing bears that they remain just one torn-stitch away from an ignominious future.

Will the madness ever stop? Help us chronicle this unpleasant phenomenon by sending images of abandoned and abused toy animals to londonist - at - gmail.com, or by dropping pics into the Londonist Flickr pool.

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Last Updated 12 September 2009