Leave No Bear Behind...Part 6

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Leave No Bear Behind...Part 6

An occasional series on the plight of London's abandoned bears.

It seems the worsening economic clime is taking its toll on the capital's ursine population. Increasing numbers of toy bears are taking to the streets; their owners are unable to afford the bear necessities, such as...oh I don't know...marmalade sandwiches, spawning salmon and beehives.

The ferociously named HowAboutNo! snapped this sorry example in late January.


Was there ever a more dejected bear? Since this photo was taken, the poor fellow has succumbed to an infestation of carpet beetles.

Reader Rob Watkins emailed this sorry sight:


Says he:

Saw a poor, sad and definitely very lonely bear just around the corner from my flat in Wimbledon. I suspect he was dropped by a young child and then climbed his way up in the hope that his owner will come back past and rescue him from a life on the streets. We can only hope.

Such cases are just the tip of an iceberg metaphorical, and real. Please help us keep track of this pitiable phenomenon of ousted teddys by uploading images to the Londonist Flickr Pool, or emailing to londonist - at - gmail.com

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This is just too upsetting. When will the madness cease?