Big Ben Birthday Bongs

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Big Ben Birthday Bongs

By robonline via the Londonist Flickrpool

On this day in 1859 Big Ben the bell first bonged in time with the Great Clock inside St Stephen's Tower. When you reach 150 you get to celebrate the entire year but surely for any London geek worth their salt, today is the day to go birthday bungee jumping off London's most popular landmark. Even the relatively pint sized Little Ben at Victoria was heralding the momentous occasion by binging, on the hour, throughout yesterday.

After sunset this evening a birthday message will be projected onto St Stephen's Tower, whose phallic wonder is best admired and toasted from outside St Stephen's Tavern with a pint of London Pride.

Last Updated 11 July 2009


Went up the tower in April, all very interesting but loads of steps !!


For shame, Londonist. So keen were you to avoid the trap of calling the tower in which Big Ben sits 'Big Ben', you managed to get the name even more wrong.

Big Ben sits atop The Clock Tower. St Stephen's Tower is the less spectacular one sat in the middle of the palace, above the old public entrance (handily known as St Stephen's Entrance).


Yeah, I knew too. So Snedds wins the 'spot the deliberate mistake designed to draw out comments and our favourite London pedants' prize! (honest).

30 lashes to Lindsey.