Apology Not Accepted: Standard Circulation Drops 20%

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Apology Not Accepted: Standard Circulation Drops 20%

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The Russian-backed Evening Standard relaunched last month in a vortex of orange and apology not seen since KIlroy was nixed by the BBC. The first monthly circulation figures will be announced today and are expected to show a 20% dive in circulation during May. Like the newspaper itself, however, that figure is not so black and white. Along with its new look, new owner and new outlook, the Standard has also adopted a new distribution strategy. Its price varies by location and time; for example, the cost is cut from 50p to 10p at mainline stations in the late evening. These complications have not yet been taken into account by the Audit Bureau of Circulations, who measure such things. It's a complex and intricate argument, which we've ignored in favour of a simplified and negative headline. Can't remember where we learned that trick.

Last Updated 04 June 2009

Bob Hoskins

it's crap, utter crap. i picked up the free copy they did and that was no better than before.

there really is nothing worthwhile reading in there


I can't believe Nigella Lawson writing on football hasn't been a huge ratings win for them.


it's not the price of the Evening STandard. It's sensationalising headlines. The headlines must contain horror, terror, etc etc "Man pushed in front of Tube - pictures" meant recenty that there was a court case involving the event a year earlier.
It's the falsely positive home price movement reports while the real estate companies are advertising in the paper. Political news to match the views of the editor.
It's the prblem of trust. nothing else..