TOX09 Sightings

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TOX09 Sightings


Our annual and increasingly frowned-upon game of Tox spotting has been won by reader Ben Jones. He spied the infamous tag daubed over Alex Martinez's weird mural on Fermoy Road, Westbourne Park. This is the first evidence of the year that Tox is up to his old tricks, after his recent sojourn to Bangkok.

If the tag is genuine, it looks like Tox has acquired a few friends. His normally solitary monogram is surrounded by those of other taggers. Images from Flickr show similar groupings in Old Street.

Last Updated 31 March 2009


I noticed Tox09's all along the rail track between Canonbury and Camden Road on London Overground a few weeks back. Spangly silver ones. Some are purposefully done on painted over graf. I never have my camera ready at the right moment... sorry.


BIG DAVES GUSSET - what's all that about?