By Lindsey Last edited 128 months ago

Science and art coming together is a beautiful thing. A totally wrong coupling that sometimes climaxes in an eruption of sci-art fusion magic. That's presumably what the Science Museum is after in appointing not onlya writer but a dancer in residence for the summer months.

Contemporary dancer and choreographer, Athina Vahla "concentrates on epic, site-specific work taking a collaborative approach to create multi-media pieces." That's artspeak for mash-ups, right? Vahla is specifically working on a bodily response to the Museum's Listening Post installation, an ever updating, huge, cut-up, ambient, internet poem read by creepy computer generated voices. Casting movement to this cutting edge soundtrack of a million disembodied online voices set around the grid of 200 electronic screens is certainly a fine commission for Vahla who has previously occupied a deserted abbatoir and the Old Operating Theatre.

Vahla and her writerly co-artist, Tony White will be running free workshops throughout the summer whilst creating their very special sci-art love ins with premieres in September and October. We will be watching these spaces.

Visit the Science Museum website for more information.

Last Updated 18 July 2008