What would 100,000 people chatting online sound like?

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What would 100,000 people chatting online sound like?
What happened to the world

If you could get the Sarcasts (Digg), the Grunts (YouTube) and the Silent (Londonist’s forgotten readers’ forum) into a room together, what would you hear?

The Science Museum might have the answer. New installation ‘The Listening Post’ slaps up random content from hundreds of chat rooms simultaneously, bringing you an orgy of words.

“It is an awe-inspiring ‘portrait of chat’,” says the press release. Alan Partridge is having wet dreams.

The installation debuted in New York in 2002 and has since done the rounds in the US and Europe. The Science Museum used an Arts Fund £110,000 grant to borrow the piece, by artists Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin, for two years.

It’s free to visit and opens at the Science Museum tomorrow. Alternatively, copy the following text and hit paste lots of times, to recreate a dynamic overview of the Internet.

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Image courtesy of Graham Peet/Science Museum

Last Updated 18 February 2008