Hoodies Have History Too

By Lindsey Last edited 127 months ago
Hoodies Have History Too

Just as concern about our disaffected youth seems to be getting absurdly out of control and becoming a despairingly permanent fixture on our news radar, along comes a media friendly academic to reassure us that it has ever been thus.

Yes, yootful human nature has always inclined to disturbing the peace with covered heads according to Professor Robert Bartlett of St Andrews whose expertise in Medieval history confirms that the teenage apprentice boys of London would run riot in the city, released from the restrictions of home and family. The Telegraph reports, "Hooded tops were worn by most citizens during medieval winters, he said, and they also served to hide the identity of young miscreants." A fact not lost on our shopping centres.

This topical piece of historial continuity serves as promotion for BBC4's new series "Inside the Medieval Mind" which will also shockingly reveal that British people have always inclined towards superstition, getting drunk and shagging. Anyone else get the feeling that these opening credits might be the best thing about this show?

Inside the Medieval Mind airs on BBC4 from April 17.

Last Updated 08 April 2008