Save The Hoodie

By London_Ricky Last edited 224 months ago

Last Updated 06 October 2005

Save The Hoodie

People of Britain - do you feel victimised by your government for your choice of sweater? Do you worry that the infamous Bluewater shopping precinct hoodie ban is just the beginning, and that middle class conservatism is alienating the youth of today? If this summer’s events in Elephant and Castle are anything to go by, you’re not the only one…

Fear not, because help is at hand! Wembley’s mouthy MC, Lady Sovereign, has taken it upon herself to save the hooded from extinction, by launching It’s a ‘national treasure’, apparently.

As the more cynical among you will have already guessed, this boils down to a thinly-veiled publicity campaign for Lady Sov’s forthcoming track, Hoodie, due out on 21st November. Nevertheless, it draws attention to a frankly preposterous bit of unresolved governmental blamethrowing that remains ripe for lampooning. To quote Sovereign:

"If someone commits a crime it’s not about what they are wearing, it’s about the person wearing it, a criminal is a criminal no matter what they wear…Don’t blame the innocent hoodie, you should be able to wear what you want!"

Point well made. Readers - support your local youths! Head over to and sign the petition. Lady Sov promises to deliver it herself. You go, girl.