Roman Treasure: 100m Office Block Marks The Spot

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Roman Treasure: 100m Office Block Marks The Spot

One of the greatest Roman hoards ever found in the city is revealed today. Archaeologists working on a site near Moorgate have unearthed 1100 objects of 'international importance'. The haul includes copper tableware, the 'large-scale remains of an entire Roman streetscape' plus 'the most complete timber door to have survived anywhere in the Roman Empire'. If they'd had kitchen sinks back then, one would no doubt have been discovered.

The treasures were found on the site of Draper's Gardens, the tallest office block ever to be demolished in the City. With so many other buildings being knocked down at the moment, this is a glorious time to be an archaeologist. Tony Robinson will be rolling in someone else's grave.

Some of the objects can be viewed at the Museum of London until January 27.

Last Updated 07 December 2007