Rugby World Cup London

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Rugby World Cup London

Up to 600 punters crammed into the Cabbage Patch in Twickenham on Saturday night to see England beat France in the semi-final of the Rugby World Cup. Londonist couldn't bear to go out and stayed in front of the telly hugging a cushion while the agonising drama unfolded. It was worth it though!

You may remember we scoured London to find you places to watch the tournament but thanks to the astonishing results of the last couple of weeks and England's heroic, heart-stopping and, frankly, surprise semi-final win, pretty much everywhere in London will be showing the Big Final this coming Saturday night.

However, if you've got a couple of grand going spare and no fixed plans for next weekend yet this poor Kiwi Londoner's got some tickets for the final to get shot of. I'm sure the extra cash might help cheer him up.

Image courtesy of Swiv's Flickrstream

Last Updated 15 October 2007