Where To Watch The Rugby World Cup

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Where To Watch The Rugby World Cup

It was pointed out to us, when we posted last week about rugby pubs, that somewhere else had done it better by team. Well yes, they had, but they'd got a bit lazy after the home teams and our closest European friends and bunched the rest of the world together.

We know that London is the most diverse city in the world so we've made it our mission to find you, whichever rugby nation you support, somewhere cosy and friendly to watch the drama unfold.

England v Republic of South Africa Friday 14, 20:00 UK time

The Englanders are spoilt for choice - look back at our previous post skipping over the reference to Walkabouts. Springbok fans can head for the Springbok Bar in Covent Garden but get there early, guys. The bar's a bit of a funny shape.

New Zealand v Portugal Saturday 15, 12.00 UK time

The New Zealand Society has got their act together and hired a private room upstairs at The Comedy pub for Kiwis to gather in to cheer on the All Blacks. You have to book and it's £10 a head including buffet but it's a guaranteed friendly place. Portuguese supporters could do well to pull together to face down the Haka at Bar Estrella, Stockwell. Custard tarts for everyone. Boa sorte, Portugal!

Wales v Australia Saturday 15, 14.00 UK time

The Cadogan Arms, South Kensington is the only place to be if you're a Welsh supporter and one of 11 Walkabouts if you've got the "Awesome spirit of Australia".

Ireland v Georgia Saturday 15, 20.00 UK time

Your local O'Neills is the obvious choice for the Irish rugby craic or you could head for Waxy O'Connors just off Leicester Square. As for the Georgia fans, a telephone call from Londonist and The Little Georgia Cafe, which recently relocated from Broadway Market to Bethnal Green, will put a TV in the downstairs bit. Be warned, though, they're usually pretty busy on a Saturday so get there early and also bear in mind they don't have a drinks licence at the moment. Vodka in the street, then - yay!!

Sunday's fixtures coming soon.

Image of South Africa v Samoa courtesy of jomike's Flickrstream.

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