Where To Watch The Rugby World Cup

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Where To Watch The Rugby World Cup

Finding venues for Friday and Saturday's fixtures was a piece of cake compared to this! But no nation should be left out - what with the world being in union and all that.

Fiji v Canada Sunday 16, 13.00 UK time from the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff.

Canadians! Seek the Maple Leaf. Drink Molson. Forget hockey. Fijians - listen up. We have important news for you and your Polynesian rivals below. Meet us one paragraph down...

Samoa v Tonga Sunday 16, 15.00 UK time


Kiona Sina is a London based, Polynesian performing arts company that showcases dance and song unique to the Pacific Islands, which include Fiji, Samoa and Tonga. Look, that's them there at the Notting Hill Carnival this year. Londonist got in touch with them to find out where the urban Pacific Islanders hang out to watch rugby. To our suprise, it's the Yates Wine Lodge in Lewisham. Not quite what we expected but wait a minute. Not only that, but,

We all dress up as it we were at the Stadium. We usually sing cultural songs, chants and the occasional dance to celebrate a try.

Now you're talking. We only hope that they're collectively supporting all 3 sides otherwise there might be trouble. However, if you can't get down to Lewisham, apparently those Pacific Islanders that couldn't get tickets for their games in France are likely to be at the Temple Walkabout. Go to Lewisham, say we.

France v Namibia Sunday 16, 20.00 UK time

Les Francaises can head down the francophile Fulham Tup, which sponsors both the French Embassy Sports Association and the London French Rugby Club. Allez! Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a dedicated Namibian watering hole in London - the Namibians we've spoken to are looking for one too so there's a business opportunity out there, entrepreneurs! Anyway, what they said was that fans of the Welwitschias will be hanging out at the Aardvark in Canada Water and possibly, that old fallback favourite, the Walkabout at Temple.

Scotland v Romania Tuesday 18, 20.00 UK time at Murrayfield, Edinburgh

It's Rob Roy for the Scots unless you're a classy type in which case the fancy Albannach is showing the game over dinner. Romanian supporters can also cheer on their team over dinner, watching the Cupa Mondiala at 32 Old Bailey.

Or you can just watch it all at home on ITV. Enjoy!

Image courtesy of Kiona Sina UK.

Last Updated 14 September 2007