Affordable Homes In London? Surely Not!

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Affordable Homes In London? Surely Not!

Our Ken’s been getting a little hot under the collar of late – what with tubes strikes aplenty and London landscape controversies, lest we forget the fast tick-tock till election day – the time has never proved more ripe to woo the electorates of his London.

The latest in Ken’s bid for our affection? Cheap housing! Yep, angered by what he perceives as individual councils aligning themselves against the acquisition and distribution of affordable abodes, the Mayor endeavours to provide 50,000 more affordable homes across the metropolis over the next three years – a 50% rise above the current levels of delivery.

Ken says

“It’s quite clear a lot of boroughs have completely failed to provide the housing mix that people need ... We will make sure there is a proper balance and it’s affordable for Londoners.”

Coupled with a decrease in urban congestion and a more efficient transport network, Ken, you might just get our vote.

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By Jemimah Steinfeld

Last Updated 19 September 2007