Tube Strike: Dates Announced

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Tube Strike: Dates Announced

Members of three transport unions are downing tools in September. And it's a packed diary of inaction.

September 3: a 72-hour RMT/Unite strike begins at 6pm.

September 4: a 48-hour TSSA strike begins (time not disclosed).

September 5: TSSA strike concludes.

September 6: RMT strike concludes at 6pm.

September 10: a second RMT/Unite strike begins at 6pm.

September 13: RMT/Unite strike concludes.

The strikes are the latest fallout from the collapse of Metronet - the company who service two-thirds of the Tube. The workers are revolting at administrator’s failure ‘to provide guarantees that there will be no job losses or forced transfers’.

Hands up if you ever worked for a company that provided guarantees against job cuts.

Chairman of the London Assembly Transport Committee Roger Evans told the BBC:

"This is typically inflammatory action from the RMT leadership, designed to make a bad situation on the London Underground worse. They care nothing for the welfare of the travelling public. Their only concern is promoting their own narrow interests while the rest of London can go hang."

What does this mean for us (apart from having to go hang)? The strikes will directly affect all Tube lines, except the Piccadilly, Northern and Jubilee. The severity is not yet clear - the RMT describes a ‘massive cumulative impact’ across the network. The trains could theoretically run, but health and safety fears over a prolonged period of no maintenance might lead to station or line closures.

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Its not even particulary about job cuts - but worries over pensions and pay conditions... Seeing senior bods in TFL have already said that this won't happen, it seems that Londoner's council tax bills are to skyrocket next year to cover this AND we get the misery of commuting in even worse than normal conditions.

I hate that RMT feel that can hold everyone in London to ransom. Perhaps they should look to the Heathrow Climate camps to show how a demostration can still be effective with minimal impact on the user of the service. Unless they moderate how they take action it must be considered that they have that right removed.

If I didn't turn up for work because I didn't like the conditions I was given I would get fired. In fact, I still have to try and get to work knowing that its probably going to be impossible, deal with missing meetings and all the rest because of these bozo's. No sympathy...


Great. So Bob Crow and his mates have spent the last few years trying to bring down Metronet, and now they have finally succeeded, they decide they don't like the consequences. The words "have cake" and "eat it" spring to mind...
As usual, London Underground will spinelessly cave in to the RMT's demands at the eleventh hour, and give them more cash for a shorter week and longer holidays. Then we'll all have to pay even higher fares to use the Tube, and they're already the most expensive in the world. Or the cost will be hidden in the scandalous council tax rise that Ken will no doubt inflict on us again next year.
What happened to the "no strike" deal that Livingstone promised last time he was elected?