Arrest That Man! He's Wanted For Mayor!

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Arrest That Man! He's Wanted For Mayor!

The fight for London Mayor is seriously beginning to kick off. Our Ken, Greg Dyke, John Major, that the guy from the Big Issue - all have been fingered for the job. Now the latest candidate being touted is none other than Brian Paddick.

Paddick is the Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. In Lambeth he famously focused his efforts on class A drug dealers and took a 'relaxed' approach to cannabis use. Since then, he has weathered an ex-boyfriend's claims in the tabloids about cannabis-taking in his home. More recently there are reports that his tally of events over the Stockwell shooting of non-terrorist Jean Charles De Menezes doesn't match that of his boss, Sir Ian Blair.

So it's no surprise that Paddick's leaving his job - but the Met's loss might be the capital's gain. Does this herald London getting its first gay Mayor? Would he implement change to drugs laws across the capital if he gets his own democratic mandate? Has someone made sure the skunk sellers of Brixton have registered to vote?

The race is certainly getting interesting. And still 356 days to go til election day.

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Last Updated 11 May 2007