Random Graffito of the Week: Tox07

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Random Graffito of the Week: Tox07

Look who's back!

London's most notorious tagger has returned. We've heard rumours over the past few week's that tox has been up to his old tricks, and now we have proof (assuming it's not a copycat). This tag was spotted on the Regent's Canal, near King's Cross.

For those not familiar with the annual tradition of tox spotting, here's some back story. (And make sure you read the comments for an insight into the tagger's world.)

Last Updated 24 June 2007


Oh great, just what we need. Why is this guy even given publicity? It just means he's going to go out and deface more things with his insipid scrawlings.


Tox is up more than you Jon! Go read some Carl Jung or something.

ashe tails

Who's to say this actually is him. What if Tox is now more of an irrepressible idea rather than a person. Or a mantle taken on once the previous Tox dies, much like Falks "The Phantom" or Moore's "V"? If only he actually had something to say.


Fuck the system really. Let Tox do his thing because he don't give a fuck really. I mean how many ASBO's has this guy got? Tox has too much coverage for anyone to comment on.


woah no shit, tox is back?! i saw his writing on the wall the other day near oakwood tube station and around that area... He is legendary, all u haters just shut the fuck up, you are all giving him publicity so if u dont wanna keep ur arses shut, k? tbh he owns london streets and im a huge fan!

anyone know any good sites to get pictures?!



there was a massive one on the kings road, painted on these large windows on the 4th floor of an abandoned office block, but someone cleaned it off b4 i had the chance to take a picture :(( so annoying, anyway he's back!


tox wont ever fkin stop unless u giv him life
in prison init so u all shud stop complainin aww all dat damage he done to the society an how will we clean dis all dat crap jus put him away for life u dickwads but untill den keep up the good work tox


TOX 07 Has been to Barcelona... Got a pic on my camera!


Big Up the detoxiccator. Keepin it real and doing his thing. Murderinggggg btp skummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


TOX is a legend..not 4 his style but where he gets up n how much he duz it..i dunno if dis is real 1 dow?? better be..keep bombin da system


TOX 07 spotted in Paris...all over Paris!