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Londonist Underground: Magical Tube

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Londonist Underground: Magical Tube

Continuing our series of art and photography capturing London's subterranean realms.

Today's image comes from reader Kathryn Wilkins (Twitter), whose doctored photograph lends the Tube a preternatural glow. Could this be what the Underground looks like in 2050?

We’re still looking for further entries for this series. All you need to do is imagine something — anything — beneath London, and create some kind of image (painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, photograph…) to share your idea. The image could be fictional or fact-based — from a fantasy Tube line to a painting of a buried river. So long as it’s underneath London, we want to see it. Send entries to matt@londonist.com as soon as possible (no deadline, but we’re hoping to organise an exhibition soon).

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