A-Z Pub Crawl: The Best Pubs In Dalston

And the winner is...The Scolt Head.

Part ‘D’ of our two-year alphabetical pub crawl around London.

We asked you to vote for your favourite pubs and bars in the Dalston area, and you duly obliged. Here are the results:

1. The Scolt Head, Culford Road
2. The Duke of Wellington, Ball’s Pond Road
3. The Prince George, Parkholme Road
4. The Talbot, Mortimer Road
5. The Three Compasses, Dalston Lane
6. Railway Tavern, St Jude Street
7. Dalston Superstore, Kingsland High Street
8. Junction Room/Hysteria, Kingsland Road
=8. The Haggerston, Kingsland Road
=8. The Yucatan Bar, Stoke Newington Road

We specifically left the definition of ‘Dalston’ up to you, leading to some curious inclusions (Bar Kick in Shoreditch and the Approach Tavern in Bethnal Green being two particularly far-out examples). Indeed several of the top 10, including winner The Scolt Head, might be considered outside of Dalston proper. But that’s of no importance. The point is to put together a pub crawl of great places in the Dalston area, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do…

Please join us for a crawl around the top four pubs on Monday 28 May. The itinerary will be the Duke of Wellington (6.30pm), The Scolt Head (7.30pm), The Talbot (8.30pm), The Prince George (9.30pm). (And if we’re in the mood, we might head on to the Three Compasses for a final drink.) If you’d like to join us, please email matt@londonist.com, so we can keep an eye on numbers. Everyone who comes along gets a Londonist booze badge, and the first person to find us gets a T-shirt.

Here’s a map showing all nominated pubs. Dotted green pins are the top four, yellow pins show the rest of the top 10, and red pins show the remaining choices.

View Dalston pubs in a larger map

The A-Z pub crawl

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  • Ravie Davie

    Sounds like Dalston’s become an idea, more than a geographical entity

  • http://twitter.com/jeff_wode Rory Macqueen

    What Ravie Davie said. Yucatan Dalston? The new Three Compasses at 5th after only being relaunched a few months ago? Dalston Superstore a pub? Railway Tavern looks in the wrong place as well.

    Fortunately the best pub in Dalston isn’t mentioned, so it might stay hipster-free for a bit longer.

    • RhonaTG

      FYI: The poll was for the top pubs and bars in Dalston, which is why Dalston Superstore is on the list. The Railway Tavern listed and shown on the map is in the correct location. It’s not referring to the one on the High Road (next to the station) but the Ale House on the corner of St Jude Street/King Henry’s Walk.

      • http://twitter.com/jeff_wode Rory Macqueen

        Thanks and apologies – the new (re-named) Railway Tavern was news to me.

        Must say I was surprised at the one next to the station getting a mention, but suspected that must have had a makeover like most of the other pubs in the area…

        • RhonaTG

          No problem. Now you know of our existence and location, we hope to welcome you soon. :-)

  • LadyRouge

    My neighbour had her wedding reception at the Scolt Head (a while ago).

    • Chris

      So what?

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  • Rt

    I would rather have pubs be full of hipsters as opposed to full of chavs/rudeboys