New Direct Trains Between Greenwich And Farringdon, St Pancras, West Hamsptead

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New Direct Trains Between Greenwich And Farringdon, St Pancras, West Hamsptead

Greenwich is a beautiful part of town, packed with history and museums. But it can feel like a bit of a slog from north London. Now, there's a new way to get there that simplifies things for many.

The major changes to Thameslink and Great Northern train services introduced on 20 May 2018 haven't been smooth — we've covered that elsewhere — but they do open up new possibilities for getting around town.

That includes direct trains to Greenwich from places like Luton, St Albans, Elstree and Borehamwood, West Hampstead, St Pancras and Farringdon. Not only that, the new route carries on into Kent. It's now possible to get a train from the very north of London to Dartford, Gravesend or Rochester. (Existing HS1 services already serve the latter two from St Pancras.)

Of course, the reverse is also now true. So if you live in Greenwich, Charlton, Woolwich or other places on this branch, then you can now get a direct train to Farringdon (whence Crossrail), St Pancras, or north London.

South-east London... come visit.

The new route introduces some intriguing pairings. Travellers can now go direct from Maze Hill to Mill Hill, for example. With a short trek at either end, there's now a simple train journey between Shooters Hill (Charlton) and Shoot-Up Hill (West Hampstead). Such things amuse us.

Other changes introduced over the weekend include direct trains between Cambridge and Brighton via Gatwick Airport; and direct trains from Peterborough to Gatwick Airport.

Whether the trains are running on time, or at all, is another matter.

Last Updated 21 May 2018