11 Illustrations Of Tube Station Frontages

By Brian Vermeer Last edited 50 months ago

Last Updated 19 April 2020

11 Illustrations Of Tube Station Frontages

Brian Vermeer is in love with London's transport network. He's previously created wonderful illustrations of tube train cabs — and now he's done the same with some of his favourite tube stations. Here, he explains what he likes about each of these.


"I really like the simplicity of this, including the station in real life. The big roundel as well as the big white front."

Belsize Park

"Personally one of my favourite Leslie Green stations. I love the different colours of red I could use to represent the terracotta red bricks of the building."

Edgware Road

"Another great Leslie Green building. What I love the most about this is the green 'living' wall on the side of the station building. I tried to implement this too in my design."

Gloucester Road

"My favourite thing about this design and station is the colour of the yellow bricks."

Kensal Green

"What I absolutely love about this design/building is that it almost looks like a barn in the countryside."

Mile End

"I love the blue line on the front. Something very unusual on the London Underground network and Charles Holden buildings."

Mill Hill East

"One of the things I love is the chimney on the roof of the building. No idea if it's still functional."


"When I was illustrating this station, I was thinking about how the station building used to only be the lower section. The part that Charles Holden designed. Nowadays, there's a residential building build on top. The front, which is the part I decided to illustrate, is my favourite part of the entire building."


"The big roof that is the ticket area is my favourite feature. This big block of a structure really stands out from afar."


"Once again, this building has a similar ticket area as Northfields. I also really love the little roundel in the windows."


"I love the thing you simply can’t miss when walking to and from the station, the big spike. Sort of looks like a telephone antenna."

You can buy Brian's various transport illustrations across a range of merchandise, including t shirts, phone covers and bed spreads. Brian is also behind some of the animations on Londonist's YouTube channel.