In Pictures: Tube Stations Then And Now

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In Pictures: Tube Stations Then And Now

Take a look at these wonderful images comparing underground stations long ago with the same scene today.

They're taken from the TimeViews website, a blog compiled by Steve Miell. We've selected a few key transport locations, but the blog also captures views of famous buildings, streets and monuments.

Then-and-now comparisons are, of course, nothing new — you'll find dozens on our site alone, along with the Londonist Memory Machine Facebook group. However, Steve has got the practice down to a fine art, usually hitting the same angle and depth-of-field.

1. King's Cross, 1898 and 2019

The main station building has changed much in the 120 years between this photograph, though the main facade with its twin arches remains almost identical.

2. Bank junction in 1941 and 2020

Bank tube station saw one of the worst civilian disasters of the second world war. A bomb made a direct hit on the station on 11 January 1941, claiming 51 lives. This photo shows the aftermath, looking north towards Moorgate.

3. Bank looking towards Mansion House, 1940s and 2019

The same junction from a different angle, showing the temporary road bridge that spanned the bomb site during rebuilding work.

4. South Kensington, early 1900s and 2019

The classic Leslie Green facade of South Kensington station — no longer in use as a tube entrance, but still looking glorious.

5. South Kensington, 1970s and 2018

Another section of South Kensington station, again largely unchanged.

6. Embankment/Charing Cross 1976 and 2019

The tube stations at Charing Cross and Embankment have changed names several times over the decades. This photo captures them moment when the station we today know as Embankment was given that name in 1976.

7. Paddington 1910s and 2019

The tiny slice of Leslie Green at Paddington looks entirely original, but this comparison reveals notable changes — including the loss of the crowning arch, and the addition of blue tiles.

The TimeView site contains dozens of further examples and new ones are added regularly.

Last Updated 18 May 2022