'Sugar Cube' Building To Ventilate The Northern Line Approved For Euston

Harry Rosehill
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'Sugar Cube' Building To Ventilate The Northern Line Approved For Euston

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Sugar cube ventilation building in Euston mock-up
A mock-up of the 'sugar cube' from the outside. Image: WestonWilliamson+Partners

HS2 continues to reshape the landscape of Euston.

The massive high-speed rail project requires the demolition of a ventilation shaft for the Northern line to make way for six new platforms and a new concourse at Euston mainline station. The Northern line still needs ventilation so WestonWilliamson+Partners and William Matthews Associates dreamed up this 'sugar cube' solution. The cube will also contain an electricity substation.

It's different to the majority of the network's vents and power stations. They tend to hide in plain sight, whereas this beauty announces itself with 13,000 glazed ivory-white tiles on the outside, which will reflect light onto the surrounding streets. The tiles are perforated to allow air into the building and to add texture to the facade.

Inside the 'sugar cube'. Image: WestonWilliamson+Partners

The shaft will be situated on Stephenson Way, replacing old office block Wolfson House that's currently being demolished. Camden has approved the building, subject to an agreement on suitable lighting.

The 'sugar cube' is set to shoot to second in our list of London's best vents, one spot behind Thomas Heatherwick's Paternoster Vents.

Now all we need is a skyscraper sized cuppa to go alongside it...

Last Updated 15 August 2019