Seen These Creepy Dating Ads On The Tube?

Will Noble
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Seen These Creepy Dating Ads On The Tube?

If you were passing through Camden or Mornington Crescent stations earlier this week, you may have spotted one of these creepy ads:

Tube Dating. 💧💧💧💧 #london #dating #transportforlondon

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They're the work of Foka Wolf — a Birmingham-based artist who's been at large in the capital of late, with similar 'adverts' about baby eating competitions and moped mugging classes.

In trademark dystopian style, the artist's tube dating posters feed off the unpleasant aspects of London life — in this case, slowly melting next to strangers on the clammy London tube. Here's another recent Foka Wolf ad that sprung up on a phone box:

Mobile sauna. 🔥☄💧 #transportforlondon

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A Metro article reports that the posters in the tube station were taken down by TfL staff soon after they appeared. But it seem that as quick as officials can tear Foka Wolf's art down, he's pasting up another naughty ad in a different part of town. Stay vigilant, London.

Featured image: Foka Wolf

Last Updated 16 August 2018