Just How Beautiful Is This Projected Tube Roundel?

By M@ Last edited 11 months ago
Just How Beautiful Is This Projected Tube Roundel?

The newest northern entrance to Victoria tube station is a handy if unmemorable building.

But then, at certain times of day, this happens:

A translucent roundel on the window casts its colourful shadow onto the concrete steps. The entrance is bathed in red and blue. It's the most simple yet effective piece of art we've seen on the tube.

Chris Varnava uploaded these images to our Roundel Ramblings Facebook group. His photographs were taken in January 2017 at around 12.45pm. The arty effect is as good as anything you'll see down the road at Tate Britain.

We haven't yet confirmed if the effect can be seen all year round, or needs a low winter sun. Can any regular users of the station, ahem, shed light on the question?

Last Updated 20 June 2018