The Human Body As A Tube Map

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The Human Body As A Tube Map

'The next station is Coronary Sinus. Change here for Celiac Ganglion and Duodenum.'

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An anatomical tube map has been attempted before, but this new chart from Jon Simmonds, MD drops the jaw (sorry, mandible) to new levels.

From the base of the planter arch (feet) to the tip of the temporal lobe, the intricate systems of the male human body are laid out as tube lines. (The artist is working on a female version.)

Will you have the stomach to ride the Gastrointestinal line to its terminus at Rectum? What sights and smells might you find on the Genitourinary line? Catch the Nervous line if you dare.

The artist follows his name with an 'MD', but that much is obvious from the sheer complexity of the design. Even if you don't know your gluteus maximus from your olecranon, it is a wonder to behold.

Prints of the design are available from Jon's Etsy page.

Last Updated 23 November 2018

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