UK's First Permanent Rainbow Crossing Installed In South London

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UK's First Permanent Rainbow Crossing Installed In South London
Rainbow Crossing in Herne Hill

Resident of Lambeth? Then you are now the proud owner of the country's first two permanent rainbow crossings.

The multicoloured pelican crossings can be found in Herne Hill, one on Dulwich Road and the other on Norwood Road. You'll use these crossings if you're heading from Herne Hill station to Brockwell Park.

Lambeth Council consented to the crossings to "show solidarity with the LGBT+ community in the borough".

These are not the first rainbow crossings — quite a few appeared to mark Pride celebrations earlier this year, in locations such as Greenwich, Wimbledon and City Road. The Lambeth markings are, however, the first in the UK to be permanently set.

If you're looking for a crock of gold at the end of the rainbow, then you won't be disappointed with Brockwell Park — for our money, it's one of the finest green spaces in London.

If we may be permitted to editorialise for a moment, why not roll this out to every pelican crossing in the country? Make it the standard. The rainbow crossing not only promotes a message of inclusivity, it also brightens the tarmac, puts a smile on the face, and delights all children. Plus, they're a lot more visible than standard Pelicans.

Perhaps Marvel Studios could sponsor the scheme, in exchange for naming them Bifrost Crossings.

Last Updated 13 December 2019

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