Londonist In Your Living Room 23 March 2020: Bringing You The Best Of London

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In place of our daily event listings, we're compiling the latest coronavirus news, views and resources for Londoners — as well as things you can do, and the ways you can enjoy this great city — without the usual access you have to it.

We also want to flag up all the positive ways that Londoners are finding to deal with the crisis, from good deeds to witty photographs. Please email with any contributions.

Ideas to help, and reasons to be cheerful

Borough Market is doing online cookery classes. Image: Borough Market

Latest London coronavirus news

And in other news

This might not actually have happened.

Fact of the Day

We included Mrs Dalloway by Virgina Woolf among our pick of London books to read during quarantine. If you like Woolf's novels, take a look at our map, which shows every location listed in every book (yes, it did take a bit of work). Although Woolf is so intimately associated with Bloomsbury, only four of her 10 novels visit the area. She's more often concerned with Marylebone or Mayfair. Meanwhile, the East End gets broached on only four occasions, three of which relate to crime or sordid living conditions.