Keep Donating Blood: The NHS Needs It

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Keep Donating Blood: The NHS Needs It
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The NHS reported a 15% drop in blood donations last week.

It's hardly surprising. With coronavirus radically altering our lives, other aspects of healthcare are getting less attention. And then, we might have wondered whether blood donation clinics are still open, as we get ever closer to a locked-down London.

But the clinics are still open, and dearly need volunteers. Stocks currently remain 'good', but this may change as more people enter strict isolation.

Obviously, you should stay away from the clinics (and everywhere else) if you have any signs of coronavirus — notably a high temperature and new, persistent cough.

To donate blood: Visit the NHS's donor website, which provides clear instructions on how to book an appointment, and what to expect.

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Last Updated 23 March 2020