Coronavirus Cancels Couple's Wedding, So They Have It At St Pancras Station Instead

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Coronavirus Cancels Couple's Wedding, So They Have It At St Pancras Station Instead
Claire and Matt Zinsner got married in the station on Wednesday

St Pancras station is sometimes referred to as the 'cathedral of the rails', so it's fitting that one couple just got married there, in a hastily-arranged ceremony prompted by Covid-19.

Claire and Matt Zinsner had been due to get married on 11 April but like thousands of other couples, suddenly found their big day under threat, thanks to the spread of coronavirus and all the ensuing chaos.

It didn't help that Matt is from France, where many of his family members are currently under lockdown.

The wedding was witnessed by close friends and station staff

Originally planning to downsize the wedding, Claire Zinsner — formerly Claire McShane, and headmistress at St Teresa's girls school in Effingham, Surrey — began to realise that if they wanted the wedding to happen at all anytime soon, they'd have to take drastic action.

Says Claire: "On Tuesday I rang the council, who were amazing, and I rang Searcy’s, who were amazing, and within two hours the wedding was organised for the next day [at St Pancras station] at 2pm.

"I took a gamble and booked it, even though Matt was stuck in meetings and didn’t have any input. He was fairly shocked when I eventually got hold of him at 6pm!"

The couple will have another celebration when the whole Covid-19 thing has calmed down

The ceremony took place at Searcy's, situated beneath William Henry Barlow's glorious span arched train shed.

"We chose St Pancras because it is where the Eurostar starts and terminates, and we thought it symbolised our British-French union, says Claire, "It was a slightly strange experience as the tube, train and station were all so quiet, but there was a real sense of happiness and goodwill from everyone we met; the registrars, the small group in an empty pub who cheered as we exchanged vows, and the wonderful staff of Searcy's.

"It was not the wedding either of us imagined; it turned out to be far better than that."

The witnesses were close friends Canon Paul Thompson and Mary Ann Farmer. The Zinsners say they'll have a blessing and shindig with family members and friends after all the whole coronavirus thing has blown over.

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Last Updated 21 March 2020