There's A Plaque To Spock's Mother In South London

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There's A Plaque To Spock's Mother In South London
Amanda Grayson, Spock and a plaque in South London

Star Trek's Mr Spock might have travelled millions of light years through time and space, but his story starts right here in London; Brockley to be precise.

That's according to a plaque on a house in Marnock Road, SE4. The plaque, erected by the 'Vulcan High Council' asserts that:

"AMANDA GRAYSON 2210-2258 Mother to Ambassador Spock lived here"


Spock is, of course, half human. His mother Amanda Grayson is a recurring character from the original and animated series, several films and, most recently, Star Trek Discovery.

While she hails from Earth, nothing in Star Trek's canon suggests that Grayson was ever a Londoner. That said, a throwaway line in Star Trek VI implies that Grayson (and therefore Spock) are descended from Arthur Conan Doyle, who was a south Londoner. So, you never know.

Her dates are a little worrying. Grayson's birth is generally accepted as 2210 across various Star Trek media. Her death in 2258, though, only occurs in the alternative universe set up for the reboot movies (the ones with Chris Pine et al.). The plaque means that we're living in the so-called Kelvin Universe, in which the planet Vulcan gets destroyed, rather than the more established universe that gives rise to Captain Picard, DS9 and Voyager. Who knew?

The plaque has rested on the house since 2017, judging by Street View images. Perhaps coincidentally, it can be found a short walk south of Vulcan Road, SE4.

The images were kindly provided by Irmani Smallwood in the Londonist Urban Oddities Facebook group.

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