The Greenground: A Tube Map Of Parks And How To Get Between Them

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The Greenground: A Tube Map Of Parks And How To Get Between Them

Imagine a 'tube map' showing the parks of London, joined together in ways you might want to walk or cycle.

That's what graphic designer Helen Ilus has done. Her scheme unites the verdant bits of London in a diagram she calls 'The Greenground'.

The Greenground contains six themed lines: the Thames, Regent (as in the canal), Royal, South, City and North. Places where you might like to swim, kayak or walk are also marked.

The map was inspired by the London National Park City movement — which highlights the capital's remarkable green credentials. (You'll be hearing lots more about this in July 2019, when London is officially declared the first National Park City.)

Helen's map isn't intended as a detailed navigational aid, but more as an inspiring prompt to encourage exploration. A walk from Highgate Wood to Clissold Park via Woodberry Wetlands, for example, strikes us as a smashing way to spend a Sunday. Likewise, we can imagine a very pleasant cycle ride from Wandsworth Common to Richmond Park, taking in Putney Heath and Wimbledon Common.

Get out there and explore!

Last Updated 23 December 2021

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