The Greenground: The 'Walker's Tube Map' Has Flourished Into Something Beautiful

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The Greenground: The 'Walker's Tube Map' Has Flourished Into Something Beautiful
Greenground tube map

At first glance, it looks a lot like a tube map. But this 'London Greenground' map by graphic designer Helen Ilus is instead intended as an inspiration for walkers and cyclists.

The map connects together green spaces, such as parks and woods. It also shows linear walks like canal towpaths and the Thames, Wandle and Lea river paths.

It's not intended as a tool for way-finding, but rather as a muse to get you planning days out in the open air. For instance, we've been to Holland Park a dozen times, but never considered looping round to Little Venice via Avondale Park and Kensal Green Cemetery. The options for exploring London in a new, greener way are infinite.

Greenground map, zoomed in

We first featured a nascent form of the map about a year and a half ago. Since then it has evolved into something truly beautiful. The map now incorporates many established routes, such as the London LOOP and the Dollis Valley Greenwalk, but also suggests new routes through urban verdure. Viewpoints, birdwatching spots and places to kayak or swim are also suggested, as well as distances between places of interest. And because it goes right out to the edge of London, chances are it'll include parks and wild spots near your own home that you weren't aware of.

A fully zoomable PDF is available online at Helen's website, but you can also pre-order pocket paper versions, or buy a poster-sized version for your wall.

Last Updated 01 September 2020