Murder Express: The Sinister Supperclub Is Back... With A Vengeance

By Lydia Manch Last edited 9 months ago

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Murder Express: The Sinister Supperclub Is Back... With A Vengeance

The Murdér Express is back... with a vengeance.

Something sinister is brewing in the Pedley Street railway arches.

Last year we took a trip on the maiden voyage of this train-based supperclub and had a great time knocking back champagne coupes and canapés as the murders stacked up around us.

This year sees the sequel roll into town: Jewel of the Empire promises an evening of fine dining, high glamour and dark deeds. Some of the same characters are back, along with a host of new ones: Soviet femme fatales, intensely-Gallic detectives, boozed-up archeologists, and the star of the show — the world's largest cut diamond.

FYI: there's an outside chance the diamond's cursed.

The attention to 1930s detail is impressive, the food (the work of Masterchef: The Professionals winner Laurence Henry) is suitably swish, if on the small side, and the train-luxe setting is hitting a lot of our minibreak-on-the-Orient-Express fantasies.

Beats an egg and cress sandwich and a few tinnies on the South Western...

Tickets are on sale now. We suggest scooping yours up fast — early dates are already sold out, and you're not going to want to miss this train.

Tickets for the Murdér Express: Jewel of The Empire start at £57 for a four-course dinner, and are currently available through to 31 August, 2019. Murdér Express, Arch 63, Pedley Street, E2 6GS.

Last Updated 03 May 2019