Love Trains? Love Murder Mysteries? Step This Way

By Lydia Manch Last edited 25 months ago
Love Trains? Love Murder Mysteries? Step This Way

The crowd gathered outside the Pedley Street railway arches is a glamorous one. Feather headbands, three-piece suits, sharp tailoring and champagne coupes abound. The glamour ramps up a notch when the arch doors open, the Seven Sins bar loud with the sound of gramophones.

Among all that glitz, though, there's a dark secret. Raised voices in the Seven Sins bar, arguments that drown out even the 1920s jazz. Everybody's gathered here for the maiden voyage of the Murdér Express, and it turns out some of the passengers come with baggage — more than just the physical kind.

On board the train carriage, there's a three-course dinner — the work of supperclub kings Billy and Jack. Flamboyant scenes play out during courses: sex scandals, love triangles, double bluffs and big reveals. The rest of the events on-board are a matter of great secrecy, but while the murder's most foul, the dinner's pretty damn good. Photos of us leaving the carriage after show us looking inappropriately cheerful — given the gravity of the situation...

Tickets for the Murdér Express start at £53. Murdér Express, Arch 63, Pedley Street, E2 6GS.

Last Updated 04 June 2018