Londoners Enjoy First Direct Train To Amsterdam

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Londoners Enjoy First Direct Train To Amsterdam

St Pancras got a new word on its destination board on the morning of 3 April 2018: Amsterdam.

For the first time, a direct passenger service left London bound for the Dutch capital. The 08.31 Eurostar train pulled out on time, and was due to reach its destination 3 hours and 41 minutes later.

So momentous is the event that the Independent ran a live blog. "People are carrying Netherlands flags; guards are handing out stroopwafels hither and thither," noted its spellbound journalist. "Let's get this party started!"

The journey stops at Brussels and Rotterdam, in the process setting a record time of one hour 47 minutes between the British and Belgian capitals. Sadly, there is no direct service in the opposite direction for the time being. Passengers must change at Brussels on the return to London.

For more info on the twice-daily service, see Eurostar's Amsterdam page.

Last Updated 04 April 2018