Quiz Time! 19 Questions About London In 2019

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Quiz Time! 19 Questions About London In 2019

How much attention were you paying to London in 2019? Take our quiz to find out!

Finsbury Circus Gardens and the City of London earlier in 2019. Image: Jason Hawkes

1. London started the year by heralding its first ever Borough of Culture. What was the borough?

2. MULTIPLE CHOICE! North Greenwich got a brand new Ikea. But what was one of the boons it boasted?

a) Rooftop garden
b) Free delivery
c) A meatball vending machine

3. Performer and writer Christopher Green dressed up as a royal monarch and paraded around Greenwich. Which monarch was he dressed as?

A mini Trump Baby flies in front of Nelson's Column, as part of protests against the President's state visit

4. The clock face of Big Ben was repainted in the original shade it had been when it was first unveiled in 1859. What's the colour?

5. PICTURE ROUND! What's going on here then?

6. Donald Trump blighted London with a couple of visits to London in 2019, including one where the Queen appeared to warn him from being a dick, in a banquet speech. But Trump called the masses of London protestors bearing witty signage: "Tremendous crowds of..." what?

7. MULTIPLE CHOICE! Which of these was NOT a museum that opened in London in 2019?

a) Museum of the Penis
b) Museum of Sex Objects
c) Museum of the Vagina

8. It was announced that which legendary Londoner will become the face of the £50 bank note?

Seven Dials became one of London's newest food halls

9. It was another vintage year for street food markets, which are still springing up in London like Tory seats in Labour heartlands. The new Seven Dials Market launched a very special kind of conveyor belt. It conveys what, exactly?

10. MULTIPLE CHOICE! "I wave back to kids, staff and police. Anyone else I ignore." This was the admission of who?

a) Boris Johnson on a hot mic
b) Sadiq Khan on a hot mic
c) A tube driver on Reddit

We wrote a book this year. What did you do?

11. Brand new tube trains were announced for one line, the catch being that the line in question isn't in London. Where is it?

12. We were excited to release our second book, Londonist Drinks. It's a boozy cornucopia of tipping trivia and bar crawls across the city. But at which football stadium will you find the longest bar in Europe?

13. MULTIPLE CHOICE! Which of these things did NOT open in London in 2019?

a) Meat-free butchers
b) Booze-free pub
c) Bring your own water swimming pool

14. PICTURE ROUND! All these people in Croydon are queuing to see a shop called Gross Domestic Product. But what exactly was it?

15. Last time he visited London was in 2007, when he had a nine-month residency at The O2. This time in London, as part of his final world tour, he was berated for extortionate ticket prices. Who was he?

16. MULTIPLE CHOICE! A new tube map appeared in December, with stations that weren't previously on the map. Which of these stations is NOT on the map?

a) Slough
b) Windsor
c) Reading

Fons Americanus was one of the art highlights of 2019

17. The label of which well-known condiment featuring Big Ben was updated to show the scaffolding?

18. Some cheeky so-and-so gave Clapham a rebrand, courtesy of a rail bridge and some spray paint. What did they rebrand it as?

19. MULTIPLE CHOICE! An egregious, yet beautiful fountain appeared in Tate Modern. But which of these things did Kyra Walker's Fons Americanus NOT feature?

a) Sharks
b) Slave ships
c) Queen Victoria


1. Waltham Forest.

2. a) Rooftop garden. Hands up if you put the ridiculous answer 'free delivery'.

3. Elizabeth I.

4. Blue.

5. It's the UK's first permanent rainbow crossing, installed in Herne Hill to show solidarity with the LGBT community.

6. "Well-wishers."

7. a) Museum of the Penis

8. Alan Turing.

9. Cheese.

10. c) A tube driver on Reddit.

11. Isle of Wight.

12. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

13. c) Bring your own water swimming pool. We made that one up.

14. A Banksy pop-up.

15. Tutankhamun. Hence our use of 'was'.

16. b) Windsor. Although once upon a time, Windsor WAS on the tube map.

17. HP Sauce.

18. Wankerville.

19. c) Queen Victoria. Although Walker's masterpiece was inspired by the Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace.

How did you do?

0-5: Go back and do 2019 again
5-7: You know this is a quiz about London, England, right?
8-12: You obviously read Londonist from time to time.
13-15: You obviously read Londonist slightly more than from time to time.
16-18: We salute you, London geek!
19: Want a job?

Last Updated 17 December 2019