This Tube Driver Answered Londoners' Burning Questions With An Online Q&A

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This Tube Driver Answered Londoners' Burning Questions With An Online Q&A

Did you have a question you always wanted to ask a tube driver? Maybe it's just been answered. Recently, Reddit user TrainOperator appeared on an Ask Me Anything (AMA), and was deluged by questions from an eager public. We've cherrypicked some of the best.

A tube driver drives the train on the Jubilee line
A tube driver on the Jubilee line - not the one who was part of the AMA, but an image we had handy. Image: Londonist

How do tube drivers get to work?

There is a network of shuttle taxis that stop at every station that ferry all operational staff around when the trains aren't running.

Do you drive on all the tube lines?

You only drive one line unless you are an assessor or a test train operator. [But] you can transfer to other lines.

Does the phrase "please mind the gap" go through your head 24/7?

I hate the phrase mind the gap. It is burned into my brain.

The mystery tube driver works on the Piccadilly line. Image: TfL

How long are your shifts? How long before you take a break?

My maximum shift is eight hours 30 minutes. You can drive for four hours 15 minutes before you need a break.

Do you get free travel on your Oyster?


Do you like it when people wave to you from the platform and ultimately do you wave back?

I wave back to kids, staff and police. Anyone else I ignore.

Image: TrainOperator

Last time I was on the London Underground, I almost passed out from the lack of ventilation and enormous heat. How do you survive?

It's designed to filter out the weak tourists.

Do you ever feel like a poop?

Yes, there are hidden drivers toilets on some platforms where you can relieve yourself if need be.

Where the f**k's my f**king train?


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Last Updated 17 February 2023