Oh Dear. Someone's Renamed Clapham 'W**kerville'

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Oh Dear. Someone's Renamed Clapham 'W**kerville'

Poor old Clapham. Forever on the end of gags about coked-up estate agents and puffed-up wellness types endlessly trotting round the common, it's now been unofficially rebranded 'Wankerville'.

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Ahahahahahaha. Welcome to Clapham.#wankerville

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At the end of last week, pictures started circulating of a rather raw welcome sign daubed on the rail bridge above Clapham High Street.

While similar bridges in Camden Town, Herne Hill and Loughbrough Junction announce their location in snazzy fonts, Clapham High Street gets altogether shorter shrift.

The internet instantly got to work with responses, one of which shimmered bold and bright with honesty:

Can confirm, live in Clapham, am wanker.

In fact, the general vibe seems to be that Clapham locals are owning this.

At Londonist, of course, we consider every corner of our great city to have its merits, and that includes Clapham (its food and drink offerings, for one, command respect). Far from putting you off visiting Clapham, we hope its temporary rebrand inspires you to visit. Come to think of it, would it surprise you if this transpires to be an edgy publicity stunt from some local estate agent?

By the way, when you're done visiting Clapham, look out for this:

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Last Updated 15 April 2019