51 Weird Things To Do In London

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 15 months ago
51 Weird Things To Do In London

You shouldn't even be considering cracking open that new Netflix box set, until you've tried at least half of these 51 weird things to do in London...

Well they certainly stand out on the shelf

Food and drink

1. Gnaw on zebra jerky and jerked alpaca at Archipelago.

2. Taste the rainbow bagel at Beigel Shop.

3. Slurp sake made on a Peckham industrial estate.

4. Bid for meat at the annual Smithfield Christmas Eve auction.

One of Londonist's very own writers gets beheaded. (We don't look kindly on grammar errors).


5. Get beheaded at London Dungeon.

6. Dance on a clown's grave at Joseph Grimaldi Park.

7. Chat to a corpse at UCL.

8. Sniff Amy Winehouse's poo at Last Tuesday Society.

You don't have to take off 'olive' your clothes at Liquid Love, but it helps


9. Get naked and oily with strangers at Liquid Love.

10. Check out the Edwardian vibrator collection at Science Museum.

11. Get tied up by a stranger at Rope Jam.

Pull up a poo, sorry pew, at Courthouse Hotel

Toilet humour

12. Drink a martini sitting on the toilet at Courthouse Hotel.

13. Go on a walking tour of London's toilets.

14. Pee in one of London's most opulent toilets.

Don't tell us you don't want to be this man


15. Join a Quidditch team.

16. Play three-sided football.

17. Become a Mexican wrestler at the London School of Lucha Libre.

Using nature's brush to paint - the er, breasts


18. Go to the annual festival of beer, jazz and nudity in Orpington.

19. Go skinny dipping in Bloomsbury.

20. Paint a picture using your breasts.

21. Check out the best bums in London's museums and galleries.


22. Beer.

23. Dog.

24. Tower Bridge.

We're so obsessed we even made a t shirt


25. Hear your voice echo in Tottenham Court Road's rotunda.

26. Take a 'ghost train' from Paddington.

27. Ride the Northern line's Kennington loop.

28. Visit a plane graveyard at Brooklands Museum.

Insert 'whale of a time' pun here


29. Place a bet on racing goats at Spitalfields Farm's annual Goat Race.

30. Play Moby Dick golf in Chadwell Heath.

31. Adopt an eel, pig's skull or monkey brain at Grant Museum.

32. Pay your respects to a 'Nazi' dog at Carlton House Terrace.

33. Do a sleepover with lions at London Zoo.

The Lullaby Factory: the coolest musical instrument in all of London?

Music and theatre

34. Play with the Lullaby Factory at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

35. Watch puppet theatre on a boat.

36. Be scared senseless by a crazy bloke singing in your face at Opera Madness.

Bungeeing at The O2: we'd rather do this than watch One Direction


37. Ride inside a crazed killer whale in the docks.

38. Bungee jump at The O2.

39. Slide down The Orbit.

40. Jump into the icy Serpentine on Christmas Day for the Peter Pan Cup.

Like an old Singer? Head to the Blahm museum that's full of 'em

Museums and Walks

41. Check out the Singers at Balham's Sewing Machine Museum.

42. Wander through the downright kaleidoscopic House of Dreams.

43. Walk along a creek in Deptford.

44. Count the nipples in the National Gallery.

Malden Rushett: welcome to the edge of London

Far out weirdness

Have a drink in the most 45. northerly, 46. easterly, 47. southerly and 48. westerly parts of London.

49. Stand on the edge of London in Malden Rushett.

Tell Little Jimmy to close his eyes and cover his ears

Seasonal weirdness

50. Dress up as Santa and get quite drunk.

51. Run through the streets of Shoreditch flipping a pancake... dressed as a pancake.

Last Updated 14 May 2018