Rainbow Beigels Arrive In London

Helen Graves
By Helen Graves Last edited 101 months ago

Last Updated 21 February 2016

Rainbow Beigels Arrive In London
Trippy bagels (no psychedelics involved). Photo: Beigel Shop/Twitter.

We all know there are two bagel shops on Brick Lane, with people arguing over which is the best. Beigel Bake (the white one), and Beigel Shop (the yellow one) are right next door to each other, and compete to win customers over with their salt beef and Jewish baked goods. In the last few days however, Beigel Shop has found itself coming out on top — since introducing rainbow beigels it's been struggling to keep up with demand.

These psychedelic circles of dough have been flying off shelves in New York at Bagel Store, which has now been forced to close 'indefinitely' as a result, according to Gothamist. A member of the Beigel Shop team saw the frenzy, and decided to bring it back to London.  

The Beigels have the appearance of mystic unicorn poops but apparently are made with "just a little bit of food colouring mixed with an awful lot of love". We asked Beigel Shop if they taste any different to regular beigels, and were told, "they taste very similar with a little hint of fruitiness".

Its baker has been working overtime to satisfy orders which have been flooding in since they went on sale on Wednesday. Looks like Beigel Shop just won a round against its competitor.

Beigel Shop, 155 Brick Lane, E1 6SB